DECIDE for ME! LE Magenta RH vs SGH !

  1. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I have both LE Magenta RH and SGH kept aside for me.

    Now this is A HUGE DECISION. :nuts:

    Which should I take?

    My best friend convinced me that the SGH totally brings out the best of Magenta color and gives an oomph factor, while she thinks the RH is a bit boring (since I already have 2 city RH)

    Help! I don't know. I love the combination of the Magenta with SGH but the RH is subtle and classic yet beautiful too.

    Tell me what you think and what would look good, babes!

    Thanks!!! :heart: xoxo
  2. GET BOTH! haha, just kidding :p i have the magenta is SGH and really think its more POW than the regular hardware even though i prefer it more
  3. Since you have 2 RH city's already.. I'd say try the SGH.. although I do have to warn you.. there's a weight difference between the 2, your looking about a 2 lb difference. If you can where the Giant City of your shoulder... the difference in weight wouldn't be so bad, just my 2 cents. But the SGH Magento COMBO... is tdf!!! I wouldn't mind the weight... I say go for the SGH!
  4. OMG. I know! I have the marine blue brief GGH! it's heavy and i hardly carry it because it's so big and i only use it for school.

    But this is so cute! I can carry it with the sling and wear a casual black tee with white shorts and it's just so amazing!!! It's like a piece of HUGEE CANDY (quoted from Natk)

    Weeee!!! Help!!! I can't decide!

    I already have 2 RH city and I know this SGH is gonna be a great addition to my collection (I don't have any SGH btw , wanted one though) but I don't want to regret because it's REALLY LOUD.

    Yikes! xo
  5. To irritate you - I liked the photos of the GGH Magenta bags 100x better than the RH or GSH.
  6. as much as I love my RH... the magenta looks absolutely stunning with the SGH! so, my vote goes for the SGH! : )
  7. lucky girl, you can choose not only one but two. I like Giant Hardware either silver or gold looks great!

    btw, i love your collections!
  8. i do still think the SGH is a lovely combo with the mag but personally i am glad i went with the rh as i am beginning to tire of the gh slightly - i know i may sound :wacko: but that's how i feel. but then your other lovelies are rh so it might be nice to let them have a gsh sister. xax
  9. Okay I am with the pp I thinkt he GGH looks the best!! Someone post your LE with SGH!!
  10. I vote SGH -- it's a hot combo.
  11. I've always thought that the RH would be better on the magenta coz the color is enough to stand on its own and give you the "wow" factor... but after seeing NatK's pics of SGH.... I'm not so sure... for me, I dont like the giant hardware on city bags thats whats difficult if I had to choose... but if you're ok with the giant hardware on the city size then go for the SGH... its stunning combo! if only they made it in the work or part time size!
  12. I have Ocean blue GGH brief but don't find it heavy at all. I use it as my everyday bag and carry everything in it.

    My vote goes for SGH. I think GH looks much better. :tup:
  13. I do have RH but I would think GSH would be fabs !!
  14. My vote goes to the Mg's so stunning! It'll give you some variety to your colllection:tup:
  15. I'm not a huge fan of any my vote goes to the RH!