December PCE in Florida

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  1. Ok, so I'm new to coach. I'm a former Gucci girl. Anyway, I bought a Coach from an outlet store and returned it because it was too small. So the outlet store has my address info on file. But I doubt I'll get a PCE invite. Does anyone know when it is scheduled for Jax? I know exactly what I want, and I'm a teacher so no huge income here. I could probably talke to my SA about the discount if I know when it is.
  2. When I was at the Avenues a couple of weeks ago, I asked the SA when PCE was, and she looked at me like I was stupid. I hope I get a coupon!!
  3. really? what the??

    I called, and they told me they don't know yet. They don't get advanced notice.
  4. Yeah I was talking to a SA and she said that they only know one to two weeks in advanced.
  5. My SA at the Chandler Mall (Arizona) told me it would be the first week of December but she couldn't give me the exact date. So, I'm presuming if you do get a PCE card it'd be like a week ahead? I've never gotten one so I'm not too sure when the PCE's get mailed out.
  6. moving to the PCE sub-Forum . . .