**DECEMBER** ~Coach buys~ & *~Christmas gifts received!~*

  1. Happy December and Merry Christmas my PF pals!!! This is going to be such a fun, eventful and festive thread! I am sooooo excited to see what becomes of this Merry Christmas thread!!! Wooohooo!!! I'd like to personally wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!! Lets celebrate!!:yahoo::drinkup::party:::
  2. Kimmie.... yer the greatest! :tup:

    And it is going to be SO MUCH FUN to se what everyone scores for Christmas! haha
  3. Same to you!
    I cannot WAIT to post my purchases here this week and see everyone else's goodies! :yahoo:
  4. Thank you!!!!!! I wish you too a Merry Christmas, I wish you and your family have a wonderful new year with many blessings!
  5. Heyyyy yayyyyyyy

    I got the Deidras I ve been eyeing them for months!!! (eBay pic)


  6. OOH those some sexy shoes!!! :tup: I love how much you love color!
  7. Merry Christmas to you too!!!!
    Wow, this is gonna be a huge thread!!! :nuts: Lots of eyecandy!!!
  8. So I went to the mall to use my PCE card with my heart set on buying the Bleecker small flap in wine/signature with matching wristlet and mini... when I saw the Bleecker, I was like wow this is a lot smaller than I realized :confused1:, then I saw a black on black med Carly and I was like I've always really kinda like that, but my mom was like don't buy that b/c I'm getting the sig stripe tote in black/gunmetal for Xmas... so I ended up getting the med Carly in Chocolate, the Bleecker capacity wristlet in chocolate signature, and the hamptons leather mini with c's sewn onto it, plus the Breast Cancer Charm... :yahoo: Plus a gift for someone...

    Carly looks so pretty in the collection...
    Coach 401.jpg Coach 402.jpg
  9. Butterfly, great purchases! I really love the chocolate signature!
  10. I didn't expect to post here yet but I just discovered that my dh, with the assistance of my mom, got me 2 of the items that were on my PCE list! Sooo... now I can get something else with PCE and I'll have an awesome package to open Christmas morning! The only reason I found out was because I was going to order these for PCE and my dh had to stop me! LOL! Thank goodness I only have 24 days to wait! EEK! Anyway, I'm so excited, I had to post here to share with you all! Now I have to rethink my PCE order! :graucho:
    coach signature stripe top handle pouch 40757.jpg coach signature stripe mini skinny 40749.jpg
  11. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!! We are one of the "lucky" families who give/receive gifts for BOTH Chanukkah (begins this coming Tues) and Xmas!!!!!! I am hoping to get Coach for both!!! :graucho: There is DEFINITELY a Coach box for me for Tuesday though :yes::p
  12. ABSOLUTEY GORGEOUS ADDITION TO YOUR COLLECTION!!! Cant wait til Xmas so you can post modelling pics! :yahoo:
  13. December has brought me

    [​IMG] Tattersal ponytail scarf

    Signature Gallery Tote in Chocolate!!!
    And it's still only the 1st hahahahah :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. ^^ The doggy's tennis ball in the lid of the Coach box is hilarious, Candace!
  15. lol she wanted to play while i was taking pictures and wouldnt go away!!