December 5th sale at JC stores...

  1. Hello!

    I went to my local JC store and was told that on December 5th there is a 30% sale! :woohoo: I got a wallet on hold for the sale.

    I would assume that the sale is nationwide and not just the store in Orlando...
  2. Yea! What wallet did you get?
  3. Thanks for the sale info! I think I picked the wrong time of year to put myself on a bag ban.:hysteric:
  4. I got the Utah in liquid cognac. It will match my new Maddy that will hopefully be on the way this week!! :wlae:

    I am so psyched to get my first Jimmy Choo. I have a small collection of designer bags: LV Suhali, a really cool Versace, Dior small red goucho, and now the jimmy choo!

    The wallet is gorgeous! :woohoo:
  5. Oh, the SA told me that the sale would NOT include the Maddy :sad: So, anyone looking for a Maddy on sale might be out of luck - bummer! 30% is a lot at JC prices!
  6. any word on the Ramonas?