December 26

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  1. Where are the best deals on this day?
  2. not sure, but i would like to know too:yes:
  3. Received a card from Neimans, I guess there second cut sale begins that day.
  4. I'd like to know too, specifically Nordstroms stores.
  5. The second cut sale begins at Saks on Tuesday as well.
  6. Nordy's doesn't do deeper discounts on the day after Christmas. They just mark down the Christmas ornaments, household stuff that's in their Home departments. The bigger deal for Nordy's is that the Men's Half Yearly Sale starts on the day after Christmas, so that's where their "deals" are.
  7. I got a card from Saks with up to 70% off on the 26th--on everything. Thats where I'm going!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Hi wickedassin! So, it means only men's items are expected to go on sale then? I got a bag from the Valley Fair Nordys today at full price and was told that the bag "might" go on sale after Christmas when they have their day after Christmas sale and that they will call me to do the price adjustment. Now I am confused.