December 2019 Purchases

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  1. Hi Chanel Lovers!

    Show us your December 2019 Purchases! Hopefully some of you ladies are getting something for the Holidays!

    Looking forward to seeing what you all got!
  2. Ah I’ve been waiting for someone to start the dec thread lol. I was shopping on Black Friday at Chanel of course (nothing on sale ) and saw this little cutie but didn’t pick it up until Monday. Got the new holiday packaging too.
    Merry Christmas to me! (I’m not waiting until Christmas to open it )

    Attached Files:

  3. Gorgeous bag .would you be having the code of this .tnx
  4. Thanks! Xx
    I’ll need to find it on my receipt. I don’t get the tags.
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  5. Beautiful bag! I am picking my new baby up on Saturday!
  6. I’m still waiting for my baby to arrive ! Will share soon!!!
  7. I got two pairs of shoes on presale at Neimans today.
  8. I’ll post pictures when I pick them up, I forgot to take any photos.
  9. Thank you for letting me share!! I got myself a tote bag with removable wallet!! Love it!!
    CBCA397C-D759-421A-B36B-02A4ABA03FC0.jpeg FC24C33D-E77F-4BE0-9AC7-9E447654032A.jpeg E2F4B8D2-4C53-4F2D-AE3F-628029DC2F54.jpeg 00FAC408-83B6-4A53-A4D4-F04E196D4A63.jpeg 62428AF9-B498-4F68-8408-5C58EB3D308C.jpeg B16FF208-DCE5-44F6-A6A3-55A9D0D85ADC.jpeg 043DE273-F568-4815-9733-715C165DD94F.jpeg 9D64B12C-5281-4B13-8FAB-CD2FD67E4CB9.jpeg F8F05233-45FC-40F8-9CCC-CC4FA01DA3E1.jpeg
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  10. IMG_0147.JPG IMG_0145.JPG
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  11. #13 Dec 6, 2019
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    Hi let me see if I can help as I have the same cutie from Cruise launch end Nov 19. This is the tag ref AS1226B0171994305 for the black version. There was a (bright) red version that I got to see; but not the navy as the store couldn’t track it down in store (they had a black hole that day :smile:) There seems to be a pink & gray version but it wasn’t carried there.
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  12. Congrats and thanks for sharing! Your mod shot look great! Can I ask your feedback on this beautiful new tote? How is the weight of this caviar leather tote on your shoulder? If you own other tote to compare, is it lighter or heavier side as being caviar leather? How tall are you if you don't mind me asking? Thanks in advance! :smile: