December 2018 - Share your special new purchases for this special month!

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  1. December is finally here!

    This is my favorite month and after a year of hard work, and as my birthday is an a couple weeks too, I decided to buy my holy grail bag


    The unboxing will be done in my birthday

    Meanwhile, any other new purchases this month from other tpf members?
  2. I can’t wait to see!! What Chanel boutique did you visit?
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  3. Madrid
  4. This is indeed the festive season of Tiffany Christmas :P:heart:. This blue is SO much prettier in real life :smile:. I love my new clutch!
  5. 4F869B8A-0116-4BEE-8EFB-C3006A85195D.jpeg
    My purchases: cardholder bought in November and brooch on 1st December. Still looking to buy a Tiffany blue/yellow flat cardholder but the store doesn’t have any yet.
  6. Dark green boy 20181201_154441.jpg
  7. My Christmas Gift[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. It’s been a splurgey November and December : I got the below shoes and a pair of the black leather combat boots - I love them all! It’s not my first pair of espadrilles but my first colourful pair. It’s my first pair of sneakers and I adore them. And this is the first brooch from Chanel that I’ve really wanted for a long time. I love the sparkles, and it’s small and delicate. also got the pink Deauville. So happy with my purchases


  9. :clap: :party: :congrats: on getting your HG for your hard work & birthday! :yahoo::love:This is such a cool:coolio: pic of you!:drinks:
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  10. :congrats: dearest @Baghongkonglady !! Lovely haul indeed!:love: That brooch is super pretty & I love so many of the smaller size brooches.Enjoy!
  11. Thank you so much

    Will reveal the bag soon!
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  12. [​IMG]

    A warm early December with early Xmas gifts from Dearest Husband ^_^ .
  13. Newest member to my Chanel!!
    Blessed with a thoughtful husband that made it possible so happy to finally have a Caviar Mini Rec in my collection.
    E8D78410-7CD8-4678-BE42-BFCB1A1F3B99.jpeg 38BDA77E-1961-4E95-A2A0-244C3CBEF997.jpeg
  14. Finally got my hands on this square mini !l
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  15. early xmas present - I am beyond ecstatic. She's a mini but surprisingly holds a lot. According to SO's own words "it's super cute."