Deceasing quality, should I go with Hermes

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  1. I've been dying over the mini coco handle since it came out and I was ready to take the plunge as my first bag for the New Years. I wanted to do a bit of research on purse form first and I'm a bit taken aback by all the recent Chanel quality issues. Should I go toward the Hermes Picotin instead at this price point? I love the style of coco handle but forking over 5k for a defective bag is a tough pill to swallow.
  2. I still love my Chanel bags but Hermes has me hooked. The quality is amazing.
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  3. My mom's older Chanels from the early 2000s still look amazing. Some of my friends have had horror stories with purchasing recently. A friend ended up returning 5 classic flaps until she found a near perfect one (loose threads, crooked turn lock, mismatched gold shades, crooked flap). Right now I'm honestly a bit scared to go to a boutique and get sucked into something like that.
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  4. I love my Chanel bags and never had an issue. I read some of the posts and there are legitimate issues for certain but some claims are a little ridiculous. I have read some posts in regard to Hermes bags as well, bottom line is you cannot make everyone happy. The Coco handle bags are beautiful so go look at them and then decide.
  5. The coco handle is super cute. If u love it, go ahead with it. Just check to make sure your piece is perfect :smile:.

    I’ve yet to delve into Hermes as their only pretty bags can only be bought through resellers ughhh. Anw I own their bracelet... and it’s THE ONLY gold hardware in my my myriad of things that has tarnished :sad:. Went to store and they got rid of it. And it came back :sad:. I hav a gzallion bags of all hardwares, n it had to b the Hermes that’s problematic.
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  6. Thanks all. I will go see what colors come out this season. Too bad they no longer will have the lizard handles :sad:
  7. It's always interesting when people ask this, as I see the Hermes aesthetic as extremely different from Chanel. I would say go to Hermes if you like the way their bags look! For me, silks and bracelets are as far as I've gotten with H, because I am not a huge fan of the bags...with the exception of the Kelly and Lindy. But that's just me, and I'm not disputing their fine craftsmanship. I think that's been established.:smile:
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  8. I’m really craving a hermes picotin with exotic Handle or a mini Chanel Coco Handle. Both are similar in price point so I’m really torn.
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  9. I definitely agree that the aesthetic is very different. I find Chanel styles to be generally more feminine on thier own and Hermès to be so understated that it really depends on the person wearing it.

    I have been a fan of Hermès since +15y ago when I worked in a French bank. There is much to the brand beyond B/K and I love that. Never considered thier bags until recently when I started getting serious about larger Chanel bags (classic jumbo).

    Coco Chanel and her story are fascinating too, and I've read a few books and seen some films on the subject.

    Quite simply you may need both for your wardrobe! But follow your heart on the style you love for that price. A bag is only defective in one's collection if accepted that way. To be fair the bag is more likely to be damaged in the course of normal use than suddenly displaying a fault after years in a closet?

    Good luck
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  10. Deciding on Chanel vs Hermès is about the style. Chanel is elegant and the CC logo makes a statement. I love the Coco Handle.

    You will not get the bling factor with a Picotin. It looks like just another bag, albeit the stitching and leather you may like more.

    So what do you really want? A elegant Chanel with a CC logo? Or a plain very nicely made leather bag that few may recognize.

    For me.... I love my Chanels and the little CC.

    Good luck!
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  11. And by the way, if you decide on the Coco Handle, it’s coming this season in several colors. I love mine... it’s really a beautiful bag in my opinion and to me, much more useful than the similar shaped Kelly.

    You may want to follow the Coco Handle thread.
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  12. I think it's up to you, only, which makes your heart sing more.
    Personally, I'm not an Hermes fan so for me I'd say find the Chanel you love and look it over carefully.
  13. As others have hinted, Chanel bags are immediately recognizable, not so with Hermès, they are understated. Depends on your taste. I’d choose Chanel.
  14. I came here to say exactly this. I’d never choose an Hermès over a Chanel, simply because from an aesthetic/style perspective, they aren’t my taste. Just looking at the mini coco handle, vs the picotin - they look like completely different bags. I’d go for the mini coco handle, and just check for quality.

    Btw, @Nancy Ma , you might still have a chance to go for a lizard handle if you’re quick about it and have a proper Chanel SA to locate one for you. I’m not usually an exotic type of girl (minus the holographic stingray), but when I went to the store a few weeks ago, my SA showed me a coco handle with a lizard handle and a boy with a handle and they *felt* gorgeous. Very luxurious. Might be worth a hunt.
  15. If you’re dying over the mini coco then go for it make sure you deal with a good SA and closely inspect your bag when you take it home.
    I have moved onto hermes after some of the biggest disappointments with Chanel, not to mention the attitude of Chanel SAs in my country is a shocker, i get much better service at hermes even though I’m not a VIP (yet hehe) interestingly enough I got the picotin when it wasn’t even on my radar and I loveee how understated it is, I think people still wow over it on the streets but hey at the end of the day I’m carrying bags to make myself happy, not to please others. The picotin has came traveling with me and held up really well, so I would definitely recommend it if you’re considering it too