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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased from the decadestwo store on ebay? Are they trustworthy sellers??
  2. I ordered from them before - wonderful experience :smile:
  3. I have personally bought from them over the years via their website..

    They are honorable and trustworthy hands down and do see plenty

    of designer merchandise without question.
  4. I have purchased online and in their store - great stuff!
  5. Decadestwo is a trustworthy consignment store in Los Angeles. They have a store also do online business. Yes, they are legit and reputable.
  6. great place to buy from!
  7. I have purchased from them in their store. They are fantastic and very reputable.
  8. i've had great experiences with them as well. if you call, they'll give you measurements, etc. if they aren't already listed (though i think they do list measurements for everything now).
  9. How have people found the accuracy of their measurements? For shoes in particular... I'm eyeing some Alaia heels in a 36 that have some strange seeming measurements, I'm a 37.5-38 usually but by their measurements I should fit the 36?

    I don't want to spend money only to have them not fit...
  10. :bump:

    I wanted to bump this because although I have not shopped with this store it is a good reminder for buyers to BEWARE!

    The bag posted right now:

    Has the same photos as the bag that sold a week ago

    For which a buyer just left positive feedback

    and they also sold this one which hasn't had feedback left yet.

    Based on the photos the bags are FAKE IMO. From the heatstamp to the incorrect chevrons to the shoddy interior seams to the tags...NOT GOOD.

    When asked for more photos they said "Thanks for your concern. We have no other photos for this bag. Please feel free to ask further questions. Thanks again and have a lovely evening."

    When I asked how they had another one the reply was "apparently they have two of the same item".

    Really? two of the SAME item? Even if it was authentic these bags are HAND PAINTED. Each is different. Yet they post the same photos, same auction, and won't take more photos?

    An FYI to all that swear by this seller- you can never be too careful and do your research!
  11. OMG! Decadestwo is a consignment store. They not only lists on eBay, they also has a store at Melrose in Los Angeles. I wonder if they know this Goyard is fake? I am surprised they answered you in such an arrogant tone!

    They used to listed a fake Balenciaga but pulled it out after they were informed it is fake. Maybe they should be informed again for this one?
  12. I have dealt with DEcades for a very long time. If the item is not correct,

    they should be informed. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt in this

    case as they are quite reputable.
  13. I emailed them 4 times- NOTHING. In my initial email I explained that the bag looks counterfeit and and if they take it to Goyard they will confirm. I said I need more photos to explain but I only got back the "we don't have any more photos of this bag, thanks".

    I am so sick of consignment boutiques pulling this. People put too much trust in a name. It drives me nuts. Sellers should be bending over backwards to make sure that stuff like this doesn't happen!
  14. They also sold a counterfeit Prada purse on September 5th listed on Ebay. When notified they did not respond, they kept the listing up and sold the bag.

    I have not considered them reputable in a long time. They do not authenticate before listing and their customer service is awful. Far too many fakes and mistakes - almost feels like someone else is running this business now.
  15. I've purchased from their shop, HauteLook and on Ebay. I've never had a problem, but I didn't buy handbags.
    I don't think HauteLook would appreciate dealings with
    someone who is selling fakes.

    They're quite reputable, but the owner is really arrogant, and is the type who wouldn't admit
    to a mistake.