Decades Two shoe sale in Los Angeles, CA

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  1. For all of you awake early in Los Angeles, the line isn't too long yet for the sale at Decades Two. They're going to have all kinds of designer shoes for $50 or $150. Go here for more details, but last time I went for their Prop 8 sale I got a pair of super cute display Manolos and LV leather sneakers for $88 each. Here's all the info:

    Decades Two
    8214 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA‎ (323) 655-1960‎
    starts at 9am, but people have been lining up since 5am
    2 pairs per person
    most shoes $150
    shoes donated by celebrities for Haiti (lightly used) $50

    I'll let you know how it was once I'm out. Wish me luck finding some sparkly Louboutins!
  2. Thanks for posting OP. Yes, please do report back!
  3. urghh wish I was there! It's 9:36 AM, so I bet it's crazy now
  4. when is it in nyc again?
  5. My friend just went and got in quickly (small line)
  6. Sounds like lots of 9s and 10s - little in the 7s and 8s category
  7. hmm.... I'd like to go but i really don't need anymore shoes!
  8. ^^ with you on that thithi - but, it would be fun to look!
  9. They let in 2 people at a time. Garcelle is gorgeous in person. There were some really stunning shoes available including an evening crystal and tassle rope straps Jimmy Choos that reminded me of Sex in the City, Miu Mius, a few Christian Louboutins in most sizes, Chanels, Gucci, YSL, Nina Ricci, etc. I scored a pair of satin Gucci's that looked brand new never wore (no scratch marks on the ball) for a $100. It was a fun experience. Next time if I go, I'd go a little earlier.
  10. The shoe sale was a total bust. I got in line at 7:30 and it was already crowded. There was a group of guys that litterally camped out in front of the place all night and grabbed as many of the louboutins that they could. By the time I got in there was nothing but trash...
  11. what?! guys bought the louboutin's? obviously they are going to resell them.
  12. urgh.... mis-use of the system :sad: There should be a quantity limit or something!

  13. thats really sad pretty sure you will find those louboutins on .bay sold by those guys at a MUCH hire price . i agree this sale should be limited ...
  14. i thought the op said it was 2 pair per person? i hate ebay resellers...
  15. Yeah, it was only two pairs per person. I didn't notice too many guys except for two really annoying guys who were first in the line, and right before it opened, their wives/daughters/sisters all just cut in with them, much to everyone's annoyance. I wear 5.5-6.5 and there was a variety of brands, but I guess I just wasn't too impressed with the selection. I also found that other than the $50 shes donated by celebrities for Haiti, there weren't too many crazy deals. Lots of the $150 shoes had been something like $210 originally at the store and had decent amount of wear.

    I aaaaaaaaalmost got this pair of thigh-high Chanel boucle boots, but they were $450, and while a good price for what they were, it was just a little more than I had to spend. I guess I also found it irksome that it wasn't actually all shoes $150 or under as advertised. I feel like they shouldn't have put out any boots that they weren't able to sell at that price, since they did have plenty of boots that were $150 (like this suuuuper cute pair of Etro boots, brand new, that I just couldn't quite fit my calves into). I also almost went for a pair of cute Louis Vuitton striped patent flats for $150, but I'm keep telling myself I'm not spending any more money on flats.

    So I ended up with a cute pair of sparkly Manolos for $50 and cute leather Jimmy Choo heels for $150. Amazing? No, not by a long shot, and right afterwards I felt like it was a little silly to get there so early, but knowing me I'll probably end up going just as early next year. I'm just too much of a sucker for the possibility of finding those amazing shoes I can't live without for an amazing price.