decades two in nyc

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  1. when: 10/14-10/16 -- 11-7 and 10/17 -- 12-5
    where: kiki de montparnasse at 79 greene street

    On Sunday (10/17) D2 will host its one-day shoe blow-out, featuring Louboutins, Manolos and other staples for no more than $150. They do the $150 sales in LA and I can't wait to finally be in town to participate in the nyc shoe sale.
  2. I went to their previous sale in May, where shoes were the same price. I got a great pair of Manolos, but be careful- they charged everyone's credit card twice!!! (both my friend and I got 2 charges, and her cc company said they had to fix a lot of the charges from the sale)
  3. Oooo! Thanks on the heads up Creighbaby and Hoodster.