Decade + long bal bag lovers?

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  1. Just thought I'd check in and see what old timers (as in love for bal not real age) are left here. I don't see a lot of the ladies (and gents) that were very active 7+ years ago when there was more of a bbag fury. Who is still in love with bal as you were years ago? If so have you stayed true? Found other brands but come back to bal? etc. etc.

  2. Hi! I'm totally still addicted but mainly to older chevre bags....04 is my favorite. Fun to hunt them down...not as interested in the newer styles and leathers and colors.....keepin the love!!
  3. 05 and 07 are my favorite years. My Apple city is still my fav bag of all time!
  4. Hey *beaux* .. I'm still here :wave:, and I'm still a Bal gal at heart! The only forays I've made are a few Chanel bags, but other than that, I found over the years that the other styles/brands just don't suit my style. I'm also CRAZY about the Hamilton/Chevre leather .. so, that has brought me back into the fold re: newer models/years. Otherwise, my favorites are still the '04/'05 colors & leather, but truly .. IMO .. the 2007 and early '08 leathers .. THE BOMB!!! The majority of bags that I have are either very early ('01 Le Dix Caribou FBFs) or the 2007/early 2008 bags.

    I do have 2 Birkins, but those poor bags .. rarely get out in the sunshine and while I know that that is TOTALLY stupid, I just can't part with them (part of it is that I got both of them in Paris too .. so ~memories~!).

    I hear what you are saying though .. so many of the gals that I remember early on, are .. ?? where ?? :confused1: Makes me sad ...
  5. im not 10+, i've been a fan for a while, but i got my first bbag in fall 2007... black chevre first... it was gorgeous. i got it while they still did the 925 tags and the pocket on the back of the mirror. i sold it, as the handles were too patina'd for my liking at the time. i regret selling that bag. since then, i have only purchased one other. i have been obsessed with buying a chanel jumbo, but finding out they are having, yet another, price increase this month... i changed my mind and decided of maybe purchasing a pre-loved city... preferably from the 2007 or older collections.
  6. I've been here for awhile....
  7. Well, it hasn't been a decade, but about seven years!

    Like some of the other posters here, I'm stuck on the oldies, mostly from 03 to S/S 05 and have not purchased any newer than 07.

    I think if I'd never had an oldie, I'd be in love with the newer lambskin ones. They are far and away more appealing to me with their lightness and bright colors, than any other designer brand.
  8. thanks for starting this thread, beauxgoris :flowers:

    since acquiring my Balenciaga (seasoned 2002-2005) HGs by 2008, i picked up two more 2004 oldies over the past few years and recently sold one bag. at times i've tried letting most of them go but then i am overcome with some kind of feeling or separation anxiety.

    i very well remember the frenzy years back, it was like yesterday all off us would be patrolling the Bay and bidding wars started as soon as Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Olsen twins, etc. was seen toting one of specific color and style. yeah, those were the good ole days.

    i have dipped my toes into the pools of other brands of course ( Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Proenza Schouler and now Hermes). but Balenciaga will always be my "first true love" and i think that is why i am having a hard time saying goodbye. the chase itself and the thrill accompanying it gave me a good high (and lots of stress:lol:).

    i don't know if they can find a coffin large enough to fit me and all of my Balenciagas :P

    it would be nice to hear from more "old timers" too :smile:
  9. What a great thread. I would love to hear a story or two from any original Balenciaga collector as well. Although I am new here, I only have oldies 02-05 and would have loved to be on it in the beginning. I adore these bags and will never be without them. They make me smile on a daily basis. I have ventured into Hermes as test drives only but they didn't fit my style and eventually got a Madame bag from Delvaux for my necessary structured bag and that one looks great with any outfit and even seems more current......but it doesn't seduce me like these oldie Balenciaga bags. The leather is so scrumptious and the colors so rich and saturated....there just isn't any bag that compares. They defy time and fashion.
  10. Well, I am only a sporadic poster but I have been buying Balenciaga fairly steadily since 2005. I tend to explore lots of other brands (Celine, Prada, Miu Miu, Mulberry) but I always come back to Balenciaga. I still haven't forgiven Balenciaga for giving giant hardware the chop though...
  11. ^ agree with the giant hardware chop! :rant:
  12. Hello beaux and everyone! I'm a sometime poster, too. I started my collection in 2006 (acquired a couple of 2005's as well ) and made my last purchase in 2009 with a raisin city. I've never strayed from Balenciaga, though. I have my workhorses that I rotate regularly (2006 ink and black), along with other no name bags that I won't feel bad throwing around. The "practical" side of me just took over, and told myself that I should be content with the collection I had. And with Bal seemingly repeating the same colors, it made staying away easy. I do like to peek in here every now and then to admire all the new bags. :smile::smile:
  13. I'm glad you're still here too CeeJay. I'm with you - the early bags are my favs. The caribou bags are really great and don't show wear! I too wonder where the early crowd went. Maybe sold all their bals and moved on?

    Conni618 - you're an oldie for sure (best way possible). I think my cutoff was the NM lilac bag - the last bag along with the craqule bag, that I purchased new.

    Oh BooYah - I remember those days too. We were all mad for the hunt. Now I think we're mostly bal content. Still no bags give me a thrill as finding those oldies did. Of course then they were only a few years old - now they're decade old bags! :amazed::amazed:
  14. Maxxout - you have an amazing collection of oldies. I've long admired how carefully you built your collection.

    Cate22 - I agree with repeat colors. There are only so many "reds" or "burgundy" variations I need. It is fun to see the new collections though every season.
  15. hi Beaux:hugs:. I'm still around, though I don't post much. I have been completely true to Balenciaga all these years. I still love them and didn't branch off into any other brands, except for those I already had even before Bal (Miu Miu coffer, Fendi Spy).

    I'm a Bal girl through and through. Structured or refined bags don't go well with my style or personality, and Balenciaga nails it every time. My collection is still ginormous, and I still regularly carry them. I stick to the oldies. I don't have anything newer than 2007.

    I keep an eye on what's new, and have been temped with so many of the new colors over the years. But I prefer the goat leather so I haven't pulled the trigger on anything new. I can't keep up with all the new styles :wacko:

    I'm very late to the party, but my focus now is on the moto jackets.