Decadant dessert bakeries that deliver?

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  1. I would love to take something really decandant and fabulous to a Thanksgiving party Im going to. Sadly that means I need some help! I would love to have something delivered to my house...any ideas?? I just do not want to walk in with the same ol pumpkin pie...THanks!!!
  2. Great Nishi!! I need to take a few so maybe one Pumpkin cheese cake....KEEP THE IDEAS COMING LADIES!! xx
    Thanks again Nishi! (you have had them before?? They look really good)
  3. Yes, Junior's is about 20 minutes from me and their cheesecakes are amazing! People line up outside the restaurant for them.
  4. OK James, here's another place that is fantastic! This is a bakery in a section of Brooklyn called Bensonhurst, it is a very Italian area-so, the bakeries there are the real thing. Anyway, this one has excellent Italian pastries and the yummiest cakes ever!

    here ya go:
  5. You can look at Dean and Deluca online J! they have great selection of pastries and sweets. So does Neiman Marcus actually!