Dec 1st has come & gone - Aftermath


May 19, 2006
Curious to know, from the postings till today, Dec 4, looks like only a handful bought the Miroir bags. From recollection maybe abt less than 10 members.

Did anyone not get it because they are still waiting for the call, waiting for the items to arrive, seen it but did not buy, cannot get it, sold out, etc. Considering the interest generated, I am surprised only a few members got them. :shrugs: I though they would be a flood of postings on the purchases.
Perhaps some people didn't get it because it is plastic? and over $1,000.00?, but I'm just guessing. It's not my cup of tea either. There is not any leather anywhere on this bag. It is made out of PVC material. I don't think I could spend well over $1,000.00 for a plastic bag.
I bought one from let-trade but I just haven't recieved it yet since he's letting me do a payment plan with him. Hopefully within the next month or so I'll have mine :yahoo:
Nice bags, but a bit shiny for my lifestyle... Personally, I would not wear metallics, thats why I would not consider miroir. But they can look great on others.
It's a little too flashy for me but I was at an LV store this weekend and just as the SA told me she had no Miroir for me to see I saw a woman in the boutique with a silver Speedy and she wore it very nicely. :yes: