Dec 1 is World AIDS Day, click here to donate a dollar!

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  1. Dec 1st is World AIDS day.
    Do a good deed and light this candle ...

    Bristol- Myers is donating a dollar to AIDS every time someone goes to
    their website and moves the match to the candle and lights it.
    Please forward this to your friends to spread.
    It takes one second to raise a dollar.

  2. Nothing out of your pocket girls, BMS is donating all the money...

    Throughout the world, did you know:
    People living with HIV/AIDS in 2006: 39.5 million
    Women living with HIV/AIDS in 2006: 17.7 million
    Children living with HIV/AIDS in 2006: 2.3 million
  3. i just lit the candle. :smile:

    thanks for sharing... i will be sure to pass it on
  4. I lit the candle and have sent an email to my friends.

    Thanks for letting us know.
  5. I will do this just as soon as I get home, I can't look at flash websites on my work computer! :sad:
  6. Thanks. I lit one and have passed it on to my friends and family.
  7. keep it coming girls! I think this link only works for one day, so let's light as many as possible. and if you can, do it more than once!
  8. I lit a candle~ and passed it on to my friends!
  9. I didn't forget, I just lit my candle, and passed it along to friends. I feel like waaaay more people should be responding to this. Its FREE girls!!!!