Debuting the Kelly

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  1. My Kelly arrived over a month ago. I had passed up a number of "almost right" Kellys for this. But yeah, but it was totally worth the wait: a 32 CM souple in blue jean togo, with palladium hardware. Since then, I have been (1) waiting for the perfect opportunity to debut the bag and at the same time, (2) reluctant to break it in. Have you ever experienced this? I am embarassed to report that, it is still sitting brand new in the very same orange bag/box that it came in. My boyfriend is beginning to think that I have a problem, "If you're not going to use it, why did you have to have it???"

    How did you debut your new Hermes bag? How many days elapsed between your date of purchase to your first time carrying the bag?
  2. I wore mine the very next day.
  3. Beat ya, GF.......Kelly arrived in the am and about 15 minutes later I was out the door with her!!!!!
  4. ^^ Congrats on your new Kelly! Pls post pics! :drinks:

    As for me, I couldn't wait any longer. I don't have a Kelly, but my JPG Birkin was on my arm in less than 5 minutes from the time I got her! Out the door in a flash like shopmom! :choochoo:
  5. I'm like you uwsgirl2004, got my birkin in June this year and I just used it for the first time last week! Is that crazy or what? But I'm like that with everything I buy though. I get all excited with the purchase, but when I get back home, the shopping bag/box remains unopened for a looong time.

    I did have a nasty surprise when I took the Birkin out of the box last week. Although I'd been really careful (the humidity here is sky high), I found the handles stuck together! As I prised them apart, there was a little peeling at the edges! I'd taken a two week vacation just before, so the humidity in the closet must have built up. I brought it to Hermes today to have it touched up and it looks fine now, but I've decided that I'm not going to let my bag rot in the closet and will be using it as much as I can.
  6. ^^ westipup, asian weather with its humidity is no good for leather bags of any kind. So it's necessary to use your bags often to give them good airings. I've had Prada bags thrown away because the patent leather straps kind of turned 'gooey' after being left in the closet for several months at a stretch.
  7. I know. :sad: That's why I put silica gel packets as well as a Thirsty Hippo in the closet and check on the bags every once in a while. It was fine before I left for the vacation...

    Do you store in your bags in their boxes in an air-conditioned room? I would be so worried if I had a gorgeous croc birkin like yours (not going to happen though:P ) I took my bags out of their boxes and now just keep them standing upright in the closet so the handles don't touch.

    Ouch on the Prada bags. That reminds me, I have a few bags that haven't seen the light of day since I stopped working. I will have to find time to see how they are faring.
  8. Oh yes! Thirsty Hippo. Thanks for bringing it up, I forgot to replace them

    Yes, I store them in their boxes in an air-conditioned room. :P I think it would be a good idea to place a piece of felt cloth in between the 2 handles & continue to lay them flat in their boxes. I personally think the sleeping position is the best position for our H bags. Sitting them upright in the closet puts weight on the base of the bag, and I find this causes the bags to sag at the sides.

    These H bags are to be enjoyed, and not meant to be stored away. So the best solution would be to use them regularly:wlae: :supacool:
  9. i use all my new bag just right after i got home...normally i have a ceremony:
    i pack it out, put my wallet and mobile in it and out to my french cafe for a glass of champagne!!!!
    if i invest some money i would like to enjoy it!!!!
  10. I usually transfer my stuff into my new bag while I'm still in the store and wear the new bag home! Instant gratification and all that. :yes:
  11. I used it the same day I got it! I couldn't wait!:wlae:CONGRATS on your Kelly, BTW!!!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats

    I don't remember how fast I pulled my Kelly out and used it.
  13. I LIKE you, Sue!! But, you already know that:yes: You made me smile.

    But, I don't think it strange at all to want to keep your H tucked away and savor the inbetween time before you take it out for it's maiden voyage.

    As a child, I always liked *new* and disliked something once it showed any signs of wear. Wanted one to keep, one to play with.....when it came to my toys.

    So, sometimes I *keep* my Hermes for awhile before I * play with* it.....then, other times, out she goes with me! It more or less depends on my mood....I can be emotional/moody over my Hermes:heart: !!!
  14. I used my Evelyne the very next day. Would have been the same day but DH didn't get home with her until 10 pm. ;)
  15. I started using my bags within the first week that I acquired them. I think the first time out is the hardest. Once you take her out once you'll always be reaching for her.