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  1. Was Anyone Here A Debutante?
  2. i was never one:sad: . were you?
  3. No, Not Me.....I Like The Tradition Of It!
  4. Me too!! I wish could have been one.
  5. i have always been fascinated by the tradition too. have seen beautiful pictures.
  6. I Know ~ Now, That I'm Older....I Wish I Was A Debutante As Well!!!
  7. I *think* Meg mentioned once that she was a Debutante.

  8. who is the boy in your avatar. sooo cute.
  9. oh how cool.

    Megs, please do share stories with us?
  10. Doulos ~ That's Our Son ~ David (The Love Of Our Lives!!!)! You Are So Sweet! :smile:
  11. I Think I Remember Reading About Megs....I'd Love To Hear More. Now, That I Think About It...What A Perfect Debutante!!! :smile:
  12. i always thought it would be super fun...but they aren't done in my town and my family didn't really run in those circles anyway.

    i truely think i missed my calling as a southern belle. :yes:
  13. ^ilzabet......I Always Say I Was Born A Southern Belle, As Well! Though I Just Moved To The South Two Years Ago!!! :smile:
  14. how old is he? i have two children. my son will be 14 and my daughter 10. as parents we do not get older, just better;)
  15. they were not done in my town then either.
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