Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. Horrible and horrific were the words that came to mind.

    I have friends travelling in Europe and am asking to them to help me buy old design duty free
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  2. Looks so long and heavy, the model looks like she couldn’t even lift it from the ground!
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  3. They just killed an iconic brand. The clothes and bags veer so much from the original aesthetic and essence that it’s unrecognizable from the company’s origins.
    The clothes are just awful.
    Glad I bought my cabats and knows when I did. RTW, too.
  4. I agree that the price is outrageous, especially since they’ve eliminated the real intreciatto...which was labor intensive, but gorgeous. It took me a bit to realize that I needed to convert the amount (Denmark to US). (I’m slow that way.) But $9,200+. is a lot of money, especially for something that resembles a summer camp arts & crafts project. If it doesn’t sell, they’ll have a great excuse for phasing it out......:girlsigh:
    Maybe they’ll replace the old favorites with great new designs. I’m trying to keep an open mind but my handbag anxiety level is pretty high right now.
  5. I agree with you. I came to BV very late, but won't be staying. Moving on to another brand. Very sad.
  6. Even on the resale
    Market, I wouldn’t buy this. ☹️
  7. I do think this tote is overpriced, and I don't really like it, but I'd say give Daniel Lee some time. I hated Alessandro MIchele's Gucci when he debuted his first collection, and I didn't like Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent, but now I own multiple pieces from both brands from these designers, and I changed my mind. I really like their aesthetic at both brands.

    It sometimes takes a creative director a few seasons to get momentum going. Some of the initial designs may not work out, but then later they can churn out some wonderful bags. Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent initially pushed a duffle bag shape that I was lukewarm to, but then later his team introduced the Sac de Jour, which was love at first sight!

    With Daniel Lee's impressive background as an accessories designer at Celine, I think that there will be a lot more to see from him.
  8. I do believe he deserves a chance but what I hate is when there is a complete disregard to the heritage and aesthetic of the brand that so many of us have learned to love.
    I even saw that the Instagram account had been completely reset. (Just like Heidi did when he took over at Céline)
    Of course he should be allowed to set his own vision for the brand, that’s he’s job but, it should be done respectfully.
    As far as I had understood, Daniel designed ready to wear and has never really done bags before(?) That’s certainly what it looks like here... :smile:

    Céline made some beautiful, functional bags
    and I quite like old Céline, but Celine is not Bottega Veneta. It’s 2 distinct brands, both appealing in their own way. I understand there is a gap in the market now that Heidi has destroyed old Céline, but if all Daniel intends to just continue what he always did he misses the mark in my opinion.

    Yes Heidi did wonders at Saint Lauren even though the rock and roll manorechtic is not my aesthetic I can appreciate what he had done there.

    As far as Gucci goes I can appreciate the creativity but there is nothing timeless about Alessandro Michelles designs and as soon as the maximalism fad dies down it will be very interesting to see if he can continue the winning streak or eventually fall from grace.
  9. I agree. If Daniel Lee chooses to do exactly the same thing as what he did at Celine, then he would have missed the mark. While I do love Hedi Slimane's new Celine, I wonder why he couldn't take in any of the Phoebe Philo aesthetic (unless you count the sunglasses, and the executives deciding to carry over the most successful bag designs like the Box and Belt bags). I read an article about why they didn't just give him his own brand. It takes years to invest in a brand and make it profitable and well-known, and Celine was already well-known. I think JW Anderson (of Loewe) would have been a better choice to continue the aesthetic while making it his own, but he may not be able to grow the brand the way Hedi grew Saint Laurent.

    I think that there will always be room for maximalists in fashion. Versace has made a niche out of being maximalist, and they've managed to continue their success even during the years of minimalism. There's always a customer looking for maximalist fashion to spice up minimalist outfits.

    I think Alessandro Michele's Gucci thrives on a vintage preppy aesthetic, which can also work when minimalism comes back. It may mean a change of the way the looks are styled, and far less embellishment. But even just a pussy-bow shirt with a blazer would be his aesthetic, and it can be adapted to be minimalist.
  10. I completely agree with both @J.T. and @averagejoe . I think that when a brand has already established an identity, you can’t just arrive into it as a designer and impose your vision over the brand’s values— there has to be a harmony between both. I can’t seem to find this anywhere, but Natacha Ramsay-Levi said something like this (in a more elegant way) when she entered Chloé and I couldn’t agree more. Look, we can see the Chloé spirit fully there in synchrony with Natacha’s edge.

    We also have the example of brands that are yes, more niche (or -ish) if you want, like Hermès, Ferragamo, Margiela and Lanvin (even when people miss Mr. Elbaz). These have all changed designers in the latest years and most customers haven’t been bothered by this because they can still see the brand’s heritage in the products they are buying. Granted that Ferragamo, Margiela and Lanvin are more focused on RTW. And OK, maybe Lanvin isn’t a great fit for this example, but a great percentage of the brand’s problems, including the constant firing of its designers, comes from management issues.

    I did love Hedi’s SL (which was to me a Dior Homme 2.0), but I also loved YSL. The thing is he should have just created an Hedi Slimane brand, but then it wouldn’t have been as famous and profitable. Don’t even get me started on Alessandro Michele. This wasn’t the same case when Phoebe Philo arrived at Céline or when Tomas Maier arrived into Bottega, since the brands had lost their identities eons ago and not many people knew them on the first place.

    Maybe this could also apply to Loewe— whilst this brand did have an established identity and JWA retained a tiny bit of it, it wasn’t really known outside of Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and maybe Korea, where I have seen a lot of stores, yet only a couple of people carrying their newer stuff. And even here in Spain, it’s not like everyone carried (or carries) it; I don’t, and it’s not because I am not a resident.

    Anyway, the examples of brands that have drastically changed with the arrival of a new designer could go on and on and on and on. We do have to give this man a chance, but he made a huge mistake by arriving into the brand and turning it into his very own Céline and probably even doing things he was unable to do when he was on PP’s leash. And come on, Bottega is well known for its “unique” technique and also for having some of the best leathers out there, so why focus much less on that? I understand the business point on wanting to focus more on RTW, but you just cannot go into Cipriani and stop selling pasta because you want your pasta niche customers and the new ones to try the steak.
  11. I visited a BV store the other day and got to see the new Kabat and the new clutch in different sizes. Honestly, not a fun of either. The new Cabat looks like one of those bags made out of recycled seatbelts and there is something... sphinctery about the design of the clutch top that I cannot unsee. The SA told me they are uncertain about the fate of iconic bags like Veneta, for example. I agree that it might take DL some time to build his style with this particular house, but thus far it does not inspire confidence :/.
  12. thank you!
    i could not figure out what was bugging me! that's it! :facepalm:
    especially on the beige smooth one...
  13. Pretty repulsive looking clutches IMO.
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  14. the
    black woven one is not bad, but smooth tan... :shocked:
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  15. They are like the eggs from Alien!!

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