Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. It just makes me want to get off Ban Island and buy all the bags of the past few years. These new bags did not look like BV at all. ☹️
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  2. is it just me, or you, too, see the similarity??

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  3. this should have the wheels and the foldable handle :facepalm:

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  4. Is that a carrier for a toddler?
  5. it's big enough for a small to mid sized adult!!! :lol:
    my cabin size suitcase is definitely MUCH smaller!
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  7. This makes me genuinely sad...and Angry!!!

    Liked maybe 5%.


    Bad styling and zero left of the essence of BV. This looks like something from the Kooples and not a high end luxury brand. (Actually the kooples makes a lot nicer pieces so bad comparison)...

    And the bags!!!
    Looked ok but zero innovation and absolutely useless! They are so impractical. What the hell will you carry in it - your checked luggage?
    I will challenge anyone to walk down a busy street wearing that giant sail on their arms.

    Also, I do not know what the hell kind of “real clothes” this is?None of the leather craftsmanship and the heritage BV has stood for is reflected in this collection.

    Knowing how messed up the taste level of millennials are these days I am sure this will be a huge hit so Bravo. But as far as this colllection goes, its a bubye from one of your loyal customers.

    I for one will be going on a spending spree to buy some final intrecciato pieces I have been holding back on pulling the trigger on.

    This is not rebirth of the brand, it is killing everything it used to stand for.

    I will just shut up now...this is upsetting to watch.
  8. I absolutely ADORE Daniel's pre-fall collection. It's effortlessly luxe and the nods to the brand's heritage (like the woven sweaters) are so clever. I can see this being more successful than Demna's Balenciaga and Hedi's Celine.
  9. definitely better than the new Celine lol
  10. It's a bye bye from me too. I'd be sad if I wasn't so mad.
  11. Lately, I spent a lot of my money on their RTW. Looks like, I will finally be able to save money for my future lol.
  12. I think I educated my 7-year old son well. I showed him these latest BV designs few weeks ago. And yesterday when I was choosing my bag, he says “I love your BV bags the best. But the old design only, not the new design!”

    And he hugs my Nero Cervo loop and ask if he can bring the bag to sleep like his Teddies because my cervo loop is so ‘fluffy’
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  13. Your son has great taste
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  14. Just came back from the pre-fall discussion thread, and, wow, speechless of the photos. The twist of the entire collection was even larger than imagined. I felt so guilty of purchasing 2 Iron bags earlier this night, but after reading the thread.....not any more..... I guess got to see what inventory is left behind and get the ones I’ve been longing to have before they are all gone. :frown:
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  15. I just saw the maxi cabat launched on the website and the price is OUTRAGEOUS!
    How this cheap, basic design could cost more than the classic Cabat is just beyond me? Just because you give it a high price tag it won’t make it more luxurious.
    Scratching my head trying to figure out what direction BV is trying to go here?