Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. No shade to the Lauren, but technically it’s only been around for two years. Bags like the Campana, Sloane, Pyramid, Cervo Hobo... those were what we used to call iconic bags - not to mention the colour Ebano. It’s definitely not unusual to see a silhouette produced for only one or two seasons. To be honest, I’m surprised the Garda has been around for as long as it has. (and again, no shade - it’s a great bag)
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  2. To me the Veneta along with the Knot and the Cabat is so quintessentially BV that it would be a shame to discontinue any of these. Reinterpret, do not destroy modern heritage.
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  3. Yeah it gives hope!

    To me a lot of his answers came of as a bit standard replies and not really saying anything.
    He’s humbleness and down to earth ness is refreshing, but if those are the right qualities to be at the helm of a large fashion house, time will tell.
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  4. Best news I’ve heard so far!
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  5. The SM at my local boutique hates the new direction BV is taking and in her own words I need therapy...
    As per my previous post the Veneta will have squarish shape.
    She only liked a Lauren style clutch (didn't think about asking her if they are resting the lauren) she said it is bigger and puffier.
    She also said they will now focus on RTW that's why they specifically chose Daniel Lee and obviously because they want to appeal to a younger generation.
    She is in disbelief by the obvious branding on the bags and kept on repeating what happened to your initials are enough.
  6. Thank you! :flowers:
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  7. Yeah, I noticed that he was going hard emphasizing the RTW in the interview. Enough so that it makes me wonder who will really be designing the leather goods. I got the feeling a few months ago that Daniel would be very focused on designing clothing since I guess that was his background at Céline, but I wondered if there would be another team overseeing the design of bags. I'm not sure what his "clothes to live in" (or whatever it is he said) means. Like more track suits? More fluid jersey pieces? Dresses that don't cost $2,800?
    I loved TM's clothing, such beautiful pieces - well except maybe there were a couple of seasons that I was like :whut:
  8. If you take a look at Celine's collections for the past few years (when Phoebe was head creative director) you'll get a good idea of what Daniel Lee will do at BV now. Personally, I'm very excited for the RTW.
  9. Im also more excited for the RTW because I love TM's design and materials. Let's see how DL will approach the current trend of designer logos. BV is always a breath of fresh air.
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  10. It must be at least 38 as its re-launch was to pay homage to BVs classic 1970s era when it typified day clutches that ladies like Lauren Hutton's character in American Gigolo wore (hence Lauren). I think the bag is iconic and classic but day clutches are perhaps not so practical for contemporary women when they have so many other choices.

    Silly idea to stop the Cervo Hobo, they've always been popular.
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  11. I think TM did a great job at BV during his tenure, but a new designer is not necessarily a bad thing. They can bring a fresh vision and provide a new take on the brand’s history. As long as quality remains excellent, I am interested!

    Also, these star designers don’t work by themselves. There are dozens of anonymous designers who work along them to actually create, plan, and engineer the full collection.
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  12. I like the new designs so far. There have been several TM bags that I side eyed when they were released. Then I found myself looking at
    them later and seeing the design with an open eye

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  13. #88 Dec 13, 2018
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    Bottega Veneta Pre Fall 2019 By Daniel Lee can be seen in it's entirety HERE

    I hated around 75% of it. It just felt like I was looking at a continuation of Celine with a bit of Bottega placed in. The handbags shown was okay, but looked awkward. IDK, maybe in time, it'll look better, but there was no polish that I got from Tomas Maier's collections present here, and with Bottega that was it's defining feature. It's polish, and I liked that, It stood out, now I can mistake it for Celine, The Row, Loewe, and all those Celine Wannabes.
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  14. I absolutely loved it haha mainly because I truly miss Phoebe at Celine. I think this collection was beautiful.
  15. I just surfed the link- thanks for sharing! The bags aren’t my cup of tea (money saved). The bag in photo 4 or so looks like a cross between a Celine (fan shaped) and a Tods (handles). BV’s signature intrecciato is gone... really sad
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