Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. Oh, I am not feeling that at all... I enjoy the pre-loved market. The price is right, the bag is soft and broken in and I've been able to find the styles I want.. This bag is just odd.
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  2. I was told by my sales manager that the only design Bottega Veneta will keep from Tomas is the Cabat. So I am thinking of getting another Veneta or Cesta.
  3. I apologize for my ignorance - did Venetas exist before TM or that was his idea?
  4. The Veneta existed before TM. He is the one who introduced the Cabat, however.
  5. my SA said these Arlequine totes are not yet of DL, but a team/studio creation.
    We still have some hope that DL will carry on BV core ideas and not fall for modern trends
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  6. Oh thank Dog. There is hope.
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  7. is this a Freudian slip? :lol: :lol:
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  8. :girlsigh:
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  9. I did not know that. Last week, my sales manager told me that TM created the Veneta...
  10. I think he might have changed the weaving of the strap. Someone will be along shortly to either confirm or deny whether he did indeed create the Veneta; the only thing I know "for sure" is that he brought us the Cabat :smile: - @septembersiren ?
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  11. Well, this is comforting:

    One thing I remember from years ago at Bottega shows was the phrase at the back of the runway: “When your own initials are enough.” Now, of course, we’re living in a logo-obsessed time. Where do you stand?

    That’s what is interesting about Bottega. We have a name and everyone knows it, but it’s not going to be about logoed product.
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  12. Hopefully it means we won’t be seeing BV splashed over the giant weave.
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  13. TM created the Veneta and the Cabat and recreated the knot
  14. Wow. Not even keep the Knot or Lauren? Such iconic bags.