Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. #46 Nov 13, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
    I thought Daniel Lee released them but I can only find that manybags guy using the hash tag - so who knows. Maybe the blogger is shining us on, which would explain why the designs look so cheap. ETA and now when you search, it comes back to tPF because of this thread. :amazed: What a way to attract attention, sheesh.

  2. There's still gonna be a capsule collection for Spring Summer 2019. So I guess these bags are part of it.
  3. But all the info online says Mr. Lee won’t be part of anything until FW 2019... ?
  4. He is not part of the Spring Summer 19 Show. But he still need to come up with something for that Season. My friend said it is gonna just be a catalog to showcase the designs including RTW.
  5. From what I read, Tomas Maier designed his Resort 2019 collection to include a small collection for Spring 2019, since the SS/19 shows were last September. Maybe in anticipation of his departure from BV. (??)

    Here is an excerpt from Vogue:
    Tomas Maier and his Bottega Veneta crew were installed at Bronx Community College last week, shooting the designer’s Pre-Spring collections for women and men. If it sounds like an unlikely address for Bottega Veneta, whose new flagship on Madison Avenue took nearly five years to complete and combines three landmarked townhouses, it is and it isn’t. Maier is an avowed architecture buff, and the campus is home to Meister Hall. The Marcel Breuer–designed building is visible in these images, and though there is no direct link between its 1964 cast concrete and the new collection, Maier certainly brings an architect’s discipline to his work.

    Here it was most readily apparent in the third and final section of the collection, whose patterns—Prince de Galles check, houndstooth—were achieved with a mathematical application of minuscule dots, like kissing cousins to the house signature intrecciato check. This group’s virtue was its cheery graphicism, all the way down to the mirco butterfly-printed bags. The thinking is that by January, when these clothes land in stores, shoppers will be hankering for spring brightness.

    The first and second groups deliver in November and December, respectively. The first (and to this editor’s eye, most compelling) section was made up of sumptuous yet effortless silk taffeta trapeze dresses with Victoriana touches—wear them belted or not, “whatever you like,” said Maier—and equally voluminous Montgomery coats in the warm, spicy colors of the label’s recent Fall show, as well as a leather skirtsuit with macramé trimming its seams. There were terrific knee-high boots with stacked heels featuring intrecciato detailing in this offering, too.

    The middle group consisted of wintry washed pastels and a high-low sensibility. Felted cashmere sweaters were paired with moleskin skirts, a holiday party dress was cut in delicate ivory lace over-embroidered with mohair, and a faded parka was lined in Steiff teddy bear fur. Other coats come with removable teddy fur collars. Low is a relative concept chez Bottega Veneta. In the end, each section was intentionally quite distinct. What unified the collection was its delectable exactitude; if it’s rigorous in parts, it’s also rich.
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  6. Yeah, I searched quite a bit last night looking for info on newly released designs but came up empty. I’m not a social media maven so I don’t even know how to search instaham or whatever :rolleyes:
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  7. Does Cruise come after Resort in the seasonal collections? BV's Instagram page shows Cruise19 material including some micro-bags. Well, time to sit back, peruse secondhand listings, and see what awaits.
  8. Here’s some great info posted by @jburgh in the Welcome to BV thread. Some of the info is now outdated like core collection silhouettes and permanent colours, but the rest of it still holds true.
  9. Update: all those who had a tiny wee bit of hope that it was a mock, abandon hope! my SA confirmed to me these are real.
    and he was very surprised i knew about them.
    of course, i didn't mention tPF, just said 'from IG', but i believe these are not meant to be released yet :confused1:
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  10. I wonder what their sales will be like with these? I can’t imagine their customer base will be the same... maybe it’s a phase, or it’s just to test the market, and they will go back to the classics after a couple of seasons. One can hope they will bring back the baseball hobo! Or the old Montaigne!
  11. i doubt they will revive any old design, at least in the same option :sad:
  12. This is very disappointing. I’ll be hanging on to my old bv’s real tight!
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  13. I hate visible branding! I don’t want to tote around some logo or corporation name. BV was one of the few bag brands that didn’t slap their name or logos on everything. Time to hit the resellers and stock up on classic BV.
  14. The Veneta will have a more squarish base - that's what I was told.