Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. +1
    I’m hoping for better things coming down the pike....
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  2. Thanks for posting this, @wheihk ! I saw this while scrolling IG before bed last night and thought to share on here... but I was too tired, ahaha.

    While the bag is as unisex as a handbag can be, this was called out to be part of the men's collections. I think that many guys (and girls!) will enjoy the functionality of this, but I'm not sure if this is a true reflection of the vibes that his women's collections will carry. It is reassuring to know that he's genuinely trying to modify house codes (the weave, in this case) instead of starting from scratch.

    More variations of this below. I actually really like the Maxi Cabat in smooth calf (no weave).
    bv8.JPG bv1.JPG bv2.JPG bv3.JPG bv5.JPG bv6.JPG bv7.JPG
  3. It looks much better in a solid color
    It looks great in Croc
    I am keeping an open mind since he seems to be keeping with BV’s minimal aesthetics
  4. Paul Cezanne inspired?

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  5. i agree, solid black (or, perhaps, beige) will look pretty good, and, probably, closer to initial idea of the cabat - market woven basket. But i can't force myself to like it right away.
    Maybe i need time, and it will grow on me later, but for now i only like the croc one and i take it as a different, separate/new design of a bag, and not a Cabat.
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  6. Take note of the EXTERIOR branding!
    Gotta make sure everyone knows it's Bottega Veneta, right? I mean after all, how will anyone know what it is if there isn't a logo/branding on the outside!
    Next step: nice big gold shiny Bottega Veneta buckle like the J'adore Dior bags.
    Can't wait!
  7. Hey Daniel, 1979 called.
    They want their chairs back.
  8. Don't kill me but I don't mind the blk/wte. I wouldn't buy it but it has something. I prefer the shape with the solid strip o top.

    BTW my mum's BV had Botega Veneta blind-stamped on the front in tiny teeny letters (Knot Hobo - now mine). So not without precedent but yes, I too prefer without.

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  9. If the Cabat is not intreciatto, is it still gonna take almost a day to do it? will it have the same price tag? Is it still handsewn?
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  10. Don't be shy V0N, tell us how you really feel :lol: .
  11. I don't like these bags at all unfortunately. Just bought a new veneta and I heard from my sales manager that they have not been getting venetas for quite some time. So I guess veneta will be phased out.
  12. I will happily continue to shop the pre-loved market for the discontinued beauties!!!
  13. +1!
  14. I was gobsmacked when I saw this pop up on my feed. Clown bags! The large weave is horrendous and looks like those bags made out of recycled plastic you buy in souvenir shops. Then again I also saw the men’s cruise collection and it looks equally crap tbh. (Clown college)

    One (2) exception here. The plain totes, especially the croc, looks really great and I would honestly love it if I had more money than sense, but let’s be honest there is zero innovation going on here. They’re just copping off Loewe and Dunhill.

    Will wait until the full collection is dropped and want to check it out irl but this is not a great start...
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