Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
  2. I am known for having a great sense of humor, but I don’t even find these funny. They are a mockery of the real designers of the past. These are nothing but wannabes. Will bow out now and let others enjoy these.
  3. This is obviously a nod to Prada’s rich maritime history. Duh. The front foamie loops work in tandem with the thick foam pontoon-like lapels. They act as floatation devices and add visual interest to an otherwise minimalistic yet edgy ensemble.
    I mean like, hello? it’s called fashion.
  5. Oh lord, you have done it again. How do you come up with these!!!
  6. looks like many are running out of ideas and creativity, and in dispair they go "the worse, the better" route :facepalm:
  7. Yes! I wasn't aware that any of the women are known for their fashion sense or artistry with accessories. I would have to say the finished bags prove that 1) they aren't and 2) they don't have any.