Debut design from Daniel Lee

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  1. Is this for real? I think Loewe has done something like this before‍♂️
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  2. Interesting idea, exaggerating the intrecciato weave size for effect. I don't have a Cabat but doesn't this seem very large?!
  3. Looks like cheap crap. Like a plastic folding lawn chair from Dollarama.
  4. Looks like Loewe.
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  5. I feel that I need to stock up on some more traditional pieces. Even if my bank balances don’t like it
  6. thank you for saying it for me! :tup:
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  7. Agree......I thought plastic lawn chair.
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  8. I popped into a BV store earlier

    Sales assistant, without directly saying so, only confirmed my fears. I really want to buy some Venetas!
  9. Seatbelt bag! OMG!
  10. The proportion of handle to bag seems off. It’s definitely aligned with the big tote thing that seems big right now. 4cm is about 1.5 Inches so that’s a pretty wide weave and I wonder if it could snag and gap more easily. I want to give Mr. Lee and BV a chance but I’m not wowed. Here’s Cabat hoping the other stuff is better.
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  12. This was posted on Instagram by a blogger called My Many Bags. According to the blogger it’s called the Maxi Cabat. I’m not impressed at all by the design.
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  13. I think the wide weave would look better in one solid color
    I am wondering if he is going to now make the cabat tall as opposed to wide like the current Tomas cabat
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  14. Agree with Grietje that this looks like Gucci or Dior tall shoppers except theirs have cross body straps. Not for me as doesn’t look easy/fun to carry. I have noticed that some of the newer Cabats from TM are an inch taller (such as pom poms) but this is too tall for me.

    I also saw an embossed bag on the BV feed so all seem like cost cutting measures to me.
  15. I’m putting down my iPad right now and going into my closet to pet my Cabats! I want to reassure them of how much they’re loved. Because they’re perfect......just the way they are!