debunking Birkin mysteries

  1. i thought i'd borrow gina_b's topic to discuss some things.
    as most of you may know, i purchased my Birkin from a very reputable reseller. prior to getting this bag, i had never touched/examined a Birkin in person, so i have/had many questions that i've asked through various threads and pm's, but some things are still left unanswered. i thought this would be helpful for those of us who buy our first bag [or all our bags] from a reseller.

    turnknobs- the Kelly bag's turnknob feels very tight. quite a bit tighter than my Birkin's. anyone else have this going on? if i wanted Hermes to eventually tighten it at any point should it become quite loose, would they do it?

    strapholders- those metal holders on our Birkins which hold the straps in place (not to be confused with the hardware that is ON the actual straps)
    i noticed that the right strapholder leans inward just the slightest bit. when you look at the bag, they both look completely straight and fine but if you really try to look, you'll see that one strapholder leans the tiniest bit to the left. actually, i just pulled out my bag to take pictures and notice that both strapholders actually lean the tiniest bit inward [i think the photo exagerrates it], but the right one leaning inward a little more than the left one. now, my bag is Clemence if this makes a difference. i wonder if any of you have noticed this about your bags. i thought i noticed the same thing in one of MK's auctions on a Clemence bag.
    MK's bag:

    My bag:



    i talked to the very knowledgable mrssparkles about this via pm and she said it might be the pulling in of the straps in the holders that starts to lean the holders inward. do any of you notice this happening with your bags and if this is the case, how much more inward are they going to lean? right now its not visible to the eye unless you really try to see it, but i dont want it to get visible enough that its noticeable.

    so for now, those are my questions. should i have anymore, this is where i'll post them. and hopefully you'll have both answers and questions too.
    thanks :smile:
  2. anybody? i know you're all looking and i know you've got Birkins. :sad:
  3. E - the turnknobs on all my bags feel exactly the same. Same "tightness", same eveything. But, because they are manufactured by hand, I wouldn't expect every single one to be like this. I believe someone here posted once that they had one which felt quite loose. HTH?
  4. mrssparkles said the turnknobs on her Kellys are definetely tighter. how interesting you say all yours feel the same! the turnknob on my Birkin isnt "loose" its just noticeably less tight than the Kelly. should i ever want it tightened i bet Hermes would do it for me as part of servicing it, correct?
  5. I don't know, E.....If it's "do-able" I'm sure they would! Yep...they really are exactly the same...funny, huh?
  6. the turnknob on my HAC is much loosier than on my birkin!
    My SA said since it is hand-made,the tightness can vary on each bag...but they wouldnt be allowed to sell if it would be a defect.
  7. thanks missmarbella (and nola and GF) my turnknob is fine, not loose, just not as tight as Kelly. with a few years of use i may want it tightened a few years down the line. hope H does that service.

    anyone have any info on the strapholder issue?
    i know you all must think im crazy, but i really am curious about these things so if you could humour me please. :smile:
  8. rose, i thought about this, but the only reason i thought to bring it to a thread was to get a whole myriad of answers. also, these particular questions that *i* have are pretty safe i think. whats a counterfitter going to benefit from knowing about strapholders turning inward? lol. but if anyone has other questions that may be more uh..."helpful" to counterfitters, they should pm us all, i agree.
    ps thank you!!
  9. Croissant, when I acquired my Mini Kelly, her little turnkey was so loose I thought it was going to fall out! It would wiggle very loosely when I touched it. Kelly was an "older lady" and I was so excited to get her.... so, I sent her to Mr Claude who replaced the turnkey.

    As for the other things, I feel the "handmade" answer is a great one. None of the bags will really look totally completely identical.
  10. Croissant, about the tightness of the turnknobs, have no worry; I have 9 between Birkins and Kellys, and they are all different: some are tight and some are very loose...HTH
  11. oh croissant, i'm so sorry, but that's a classic sign of a counterfeit.

    Gotcha!!!! :p sorry, but you were so adorable with your quest to authenticate -- i TRIED to restrain myself, but the little guy with the pitchfork who sits on my left shoulder made me do it. :devil:
  12. Croissant,

    Just for you...I've *examined* my Birkins, Kellys & HACs.

    Turnknobs- The turnknobs on most of my bags are tight. Some are really tight, some are a little less - this is based on observations on 6 bags. I think it's because these bags are hand-made & each piece is different! :smile:

    This might be of interest to you (though I do not know if it is cast in stone)...I once asked the craftsman in my store whether the turnknob on Kellys/Birkins/HACs could be tightened, & he said no. If it's really loose to the point that it bothers you, the only way is to replace with a new turnknob. To do this, the craftsman will have to un-stitch the front flap of the bag, & maybe some of the stitching at the sides near the front flap, remove the existing turnknob (the whole thing including the plate holding the knob), and "pearl" a new one. (The words "pearling off" has been in my mind since I read Page 22 of Le Monde Hermes, Autumn/Winter 2006)

    Strapholders - I do not see any of the metal strap holders on my my Birkins and HACs leaning a little to the left or right, or inwards. They look ok, and "normal" to me.
  13. thank you gigi!! oh no...well, my turnknob isnt 'loose" but wow that will be an expensive service request if the day comes i'd want it tightened. yikes.
    ps i read that article too. that entire catalogue was just beautiful.
  14. I've never had a birkin, but I've owned 2 massais. The first one's zippers worked just fine. The second one I purchased had a zipper that was very difficult to open (on one side only). I called the Hermes store where I purchased it, and my SA didn't seem to think it was a problem. I eventually got used to it.
    I've learned that these bags aren't going to be perfect, but I love them anyway.
  15. ^Rose we need another of your great pix to illustrate the point.