Debbie Harry / Blondie Is Still Around.

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    Hanging on the microphone: Debbie Harry, 62, in Hammersmith

    Rock chick: Harry in 1978 (left) , The stride is high: Debbie struts her stuff

    She was the poster girl of punk whose face stared down from countless bedroom walls in the 1970s.

    With her peroxide blonde hair, high cheekbones and pouting lips, Debbie Harry was as famous for her looks as for her music.
    These days, however, things are rather different.
    When the singer took to the stage of the Hammersmith Appollo this week, it was as a strutting 62-year-old.
    Dressed in a cleavage-thrusting black dress, ripped khaki shirt, black socks and pumps, she gyrated with the energy of someone half her age.
    Unfortunately, her efforts could not disguise the fact that she is nearer to 70 than to the seventies.
    And despite performing several new tracks, it was the Blondie classics Hanging on the Telephone, Atomic and Call Me, which drew the biggest cheers from the crowd. No surprise then, that a musical version of Desperately Seeking Susan, featuring Blondie songs, is expected to be a hit when it opens in the West End later this year.

    The Miami- born singer formed Blondie in the mid 1970s with her guitarist and then-boyfriend Chris Stein.
    Her edgy style quickly gained a cult following and she was an international star by the time their third album, Parallel Lines, was released in 1978.

    The band had 13 top 20 hits between 1978 and 1982 and sold 40 million albums worldwide.
    They split in 1982 when Stein fell ill with a rare skin disease and while Miss Harry enjoyed a brief solo career, it took 15 years for Blondie to return to the recording studio. The reformed band climbed to the top of the British charts again in 1999 with their single Maria, which also held the top slot in 13 other countries
  2. OMG! She's only 4 years younger than my Mom!! Loved Blondie back in the glad she still loves it now!
  3. I saw her perform last summer and she was mind blowing.....still very sexy!
  4. GOOD FOR HER!!!:tup: Rock on, Blondie!:rochard:
  5. Love her! Hope I am still doing what I love at 62!
  6. She kinda looks like a mess in the picture, but if she's 62 and has all that energy....then good for her!!!
  7. I love Blondie!!
  8. I love Debbie,the queen of the underground! *as seen under my avatar* saw her last summer.. EXELLENT!...

    I :heart: Blondie

    I have to say this as a normal die-hard blondie fan

  9. I saw Debbie at the True Colors tour in Berkeley a few weeks ago. She still looks great!
  10. she ROCKS!!! when i'm old, i want to look like her or vivienne westwood LOL
  11. I loove her. I saw her in concert a couple of years ago at Universal in CA. Amazing.
  12. My dad loves her..she was a beauty in her day.
  13. she is the same age as my mother.
  14. Over the years, she's become as well known for her bold red carpet statements as she is her impressive catalogue of hit tracks and enduring career.

    And Debbie Harry, 71, stayed true to form when she arrived at Monday night's ELLE Style Awards wearing a costume gold crown, decorated with a series of badges.

    She teamed her regally rock 'n' roll headgear of choice with a patterned red pantsuit, with black-and-white shoes, commanding the attention of the event's photographers as she arrived at London's Club No. 41.

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  15. With a music career that stretches all the way back to the late 1960s, Debbie Harry is often lauded as something of a legend whenever she steps out in rock circles today.

    And the 71-year-old star showed that she hasn't lost any of her rock star edge when she stepped out to attend the Q Awards at London's Roundhouse on Wednesday.

    The Blondie star arrived at the event wearing a form-fitting black dress, over which she draped a jacket - emblazoned with the words 'stop f***ing the planet' - while her platinum blonde locks were set in a frizzy style with a contrasting black hairpiece.

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