Debating with the uninitiated...sigh...

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  1. Does anybody else have friends/family who REFUSE to acknowledge that designer handbags (or clothes...or shoes...) are, on the whole, better quality than cheap ones? I have a friend who maintains that you can get just as 'nice' a bag for £10 as for £500 because (and I quote) 'paying more doesn't mean it's better made'. Erm actually yes it does!! I know there is a big mark-up on designer goods, but I also know that my Dior and Ferragamo bags are beautiful leather and wonderfully finished, and you just don't get that kind of quality on the high street!
  2. Off-topic, but I have to say I always envision something totally different when the British gals mention the high street. I think of something like Rodeo Drive in LA or Madison Ave in NYC. I guess it's not.
  3. no. . . to be honest, I have much bigger things to argue or worry about.
  4. I don't agree that high-end designer goods are always better quality. I have several Monsac handbags that are of excellent quality and simple classic design that have seen a LOT of use but still look wonderful and hold up well. And I've heard tales of peoples' designer bags having seams come loose or hardware break or what-have-you after just a few wearings.

    Not everyone has the same priorities when it comes to handbags, so for the most part I live by the motto "chacun a son gout".
  5. In general it can be said pricier handbags are of better quality than cheap handbags. However, one has to acknowledge that price doesn't correlate directly with bag quality. That is, a bag that costs twice as much is not twice better. This holds true for many expensive items, such as wines, hifi, cars and what not.
  6. My DH swears we have all been scammed by the designers that create beautiful luxury bags:graucho:. He thinks the bags cost around $100.00 -$200.00 to make:roflmfao: and then they are marked up to $2000.00. Oh well, we don't agree on this but bless his heart he does understand how much I love my bags!
  7. I agree that generally, pricier bags are better made, from better materials etc. than cheapy bags. I'm referring to a $300 bag vs a $30 bag. And pricier bags tend to look much better BUT...There are some horrific butt ugly outrageously expensive bags sold for thousands and that is what I just don't get. How much better quality (excluding exotic skins of course) is a $2500 bag compared to the quality of a $900 bag?

  8. Over here the High Street just means the main shopping street in any town with run of the mill chain stores. It's certainly not like Rodeo or Madison!! I wish.....
  9. LOL could not agree more!! I wish that was the only thing I had to worry about with my family!
  10. I don't think the quality is truly the difference, it may be the style and is definitely the name and prestige. DH always tells me you're just paying for the name. But he got me my first LV for my bday recently (azur pochette!) so he can say whatever he wants as long as he lets me have them!
  11. I figured that I probably have it all wrong, but thanks for clarifying that for me.
  12. It's not worth arguing about, really. And sure, there's a huge mark-up on designer bags, but those of us who carry them know their value (to us). It's harder to own non-designer bags now. I've only purchased one cheapie bag since (a Target bag for knock-around summer purposes), but I'm not going to kid myself that it's high quality.
  13. Although I do agree that certain luxury items are better made (my Chanel sunshades never once scratched or broke even though I'm horribly careless), I wouldn't go as far as saying that price is directly proportional to quality. I own a couple of cheapy bags (Baker's shoes for 30 USD) that have held up the test of time very well.
  14. To each their own. It's all a matter of how one wants to spend their hard earned money.
  15. I agree that it certainly isn't worth arguing about. Everyone has their thing, and not everyone's thing is bags.

    As for price and quality being proportional, there is no direct correlation. Yes, high-end designers more commonly use higher quality materials and may be hand-stitched, but at some point we DO begin paying for the name. I can't tell you where that point is for each designer, but we all know it exists. But for the bag-lover, that's irrelevant.