Debating on returning this??? Need your help??

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  1. Im really confused on if I should keep this macassar portfolio??? I just bought the damier graphite steeve, & already have the macassar gm! its one of these pieces that i cant say i need but want! if your curious as to what it looks like click the link.

    I guess the other aspect is with the shortage of lv products and being that this is 1 of 15 in the world. I cant figure it out. Help if you can
  2. I'm certainly biased because the mono macassar portfolio is on my wishlist but if you don't plan on using it, you may as well return it.
  3. I couldn't find what the item looks like, but if you want it and think you'll use it, keep it! =D
  4. [​IMG]
    This is the portfolio in question. :smile:

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  5. Along with the other pieces, what would be it's specified use? If you can rationalize: like for meetings or MacBook or iPad then go for it. If not, I say you have many ore choices that could serve the same purpose
  6. Actually its not that one I will get a pic up
  7. If you aren't going to use it, return it.
  8. ^ :tup:
  9. I would return it, since you're not using it (:*