Debating on first Bal

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  1. I need opinions...I am purchasing my first Balenciaga and I'm stuck. I loveeee the pourpre color, but they only have it in the work and I think it looks best in the city (I want the original hardware...I know it's an old season, but if anyone knows where I can find one I would greatly appreciate it!...I found one on Bonanzle but the seller won't sell it to me cause I don't have "2 feedback"...are you kidding me?) anyways, other option is starting with a black city...what to do? Any other suggestions? :nuts:
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    ^^^ Oh dear!!! I feel your pain... I've had that happen to me when I was new to bonanzle, too.

    Are you 100% certain you want to purchase the bag?
    Has the bag been authenticated on TPF, or do you know if the bag is 100% authentic? Are you 100% happy that the seller has described the bag to your satisfaction?
    Are you happy with the condition of the bag?

    If you answer "yes" to all the four questions above, then let the seller know that you are really keen on the bag. And, if no one purchases it, could the seller please keep you in mind, as you are 100% certain you want the bag. It can't hurt!

    I had a lovely seller on my second bonanzle purchase experience. She was so sweet even though I'd never done a bonanzle purchase in my life, that even when I had zero feedback, and asked her if she would ship internationally, she kindly worked with me to get one of my HGs. I think it's a matter of trust and being happy between the seller and the purchaser.

    Think of it this way - IF you do purchase the bag, but are unhappy with it upon its arrival, it helps that you if the seller is comfortable with you, in case you need to return the item. If she is not comfortable with selling the bag to you, then should anything not meet your expectations and you try to return it, it could make it unnecessarily unpleasant for both of you.

    With regard to the "option" of "starting with a black city", don't do it unless you really love the Black City! Lots of people say the black City is a classic and that it is the way to start your collection: I couldn't disagree more, because I really feel you should only start your collection with what YOU personally love and will use (even if it is not a neutral colour), or you'll always be thinking about what you could have had, rather than completely enjoying what you already have:smile

    Wait for something you really love: lots of people settle for things they don't scream with excitement at, whether it is the style or the colour... and I think that - in the world of handbags, it is not good in it is not love at first sight.

    There is a Grenadine coming out soon - not sure when, but it is in the family of Red/Deep Pinkish Red (from what I can see on the swatches on this Forum). Take a look at it and see what you think.

    Other option - look out for a Sang? It's more red than berry. Or look at a different style - like the Town or Part-Time or Velo.

    Whatever the case, you should be really excited about your purchase!
  3. Wow! Thanks so much for all the info! I actually did answer all those questions for her and she weirdly said she was uncomfortable selling it to me and was going to report me!!!! AWFUL!
    You are right about settling. Is there better selections in the stores than online? I am trying to get the hang of Balenciaga. I've been an LV girl for over 10 years with a lot of limited editions, but not so thrilled about their new bags these past 2 seasons :sad:
    Trying to understand the letters and such. What's the best way to find out about new colors? I spotted a blue city with rg hardware on another thread...AMAZING! I want it!!! LOL
  4. *leathers not letters
  5. ^^^, hahah, I thought you meant the letters on the tags, and I was going to refer to another thread that explains it all, as I still don't understand the letters!!

    That sounds a bit radical a move from the seller - wanting to report you, for your asking her about the bag!!! Anyway, better you deal with someone who is comfortable with arrangements.

    I don't see such a wide variety of Bbags in my local boutique because they stock other high-end brands as well, but I like to purchase pre-loved bags in colours that are no longer available. So, you can do as I did - check out the thread - "Reputable Online Stores for Balenciaga".

    That is where I found the contacts for websites that provide a wide selection of pre-loved and/or current-season Bal bags.

    I've only had purchasing experiences with Real Deal Collection, Fashionphile, HGbags and AlohaRag, and have been very happy with the service and guarantee of authenticity, and being able to send the bag back if any there are any issues with authenticity. And, as I posted earlier, I had my one and only bonanzle purchase with a really nice bonanzle seller a few months ago.

    To find out about the new colours, there are threads that pop up here and there on this Forum, which show us the colours that are coming up - I think there is one called "2011 Swatches" or something like that.

    You can also look at photos on any of the reputable listed websites to see the Balenciaga colours and leather textures and how the leathers are described there.

    And, if you possibly can, go into a boutique and have a carry and feel of the bags there, too.

    Hope this helps you!
  6. If you really like the Pourpre RH City then hang around. I'm sure you'll find one soon. For me, I love my Pourpre RH City to bits! But alot of ladies here do feel that the first and ultimate classic Balenciaga is the Black RH City. So it's really an individual preference.
  7. Try contacting Aloha Rag for the pourpre City RH. They had it a few weeks ago. Their email is:
  8. Congratulations on deciding for your first bal :smile:
    I think there's no certain answer for the first bal for everyone, believe it or not my first bal was a red metallic mini twiggy lol
    I don't have it anymore with me because it was too small but I still remember what I felt when I open up that package. It was unforgettable, I love it so much I decided to get another one within that month.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking about just that today... a black city would be so cool, cause no warming of the handles or anything like that, would get crinkly and neat, but how in the world could I choose a black bag with the colors Bal puts out???!!! I bet that black which I would love will be heading to the back of the list.... currently tempete is my pourpre.... hard to get and where to get, I feel your pain.... be patient and persistent, I bet you'll find just what you're looking for, good luck!
  10. Uhh, a Pourpre City is a very lovely choice :yes:
    I'm sorry the seller reacted that way.
    But be patient, another one will show up!
    A black RH City is a great first Bbag, a classic but if you want a Pourpre then don't settle. You can always get a black one later.
  11. Thanks guys!!! All this information was so helpful! :biggrin: