Debating on a LV Cles...

  1. Hey guys! I’m seriously so torn on this. Should I get one? Do I need it? How do you all use it? I have the 6 ring key holder so it won’t be for my keys.

    Also, does anyone know if the Apple AirPods case fits inside? That’s the only think I can think of using it for
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  2. I use mine strictly for my keys. You can use a a coin purse or a card case. You don’t “need” it but I really like mine.
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  3. I love mine. This is not an item anyone needs but many of us love and enjoy. I store my keys in mine so they don't scratch my bags.
  4. Here’s a very recent helpful thread it has lots of ideas :heart:

    The key pouch is one of my most used pieces! Get one!
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  5. Many, many threads on this topic...and YouTube videos. Trying searching. I have several, I use them for cards and coins.
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  6. I use mine for keys - it´s my most used LV item and I love it. After 2 years it still looks like new :smile: .
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  7. I use mine for my keys, and the zippered pouch for my bus pass and my company ID. For me, much more useful than having to drag out my wallet.
  8. I love mine. I have one in Monogram and one in DE. I have my car key fob attached, and inside I keep Store rewards cards, gift cards, etc. I think they have multiple uses, and are very practical. I literally have one with me every single day.
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  9. Like many here, I use mine to store my various cards, gift cards etc. I usually have at least 3 of these in my purse daily. I never even thought about using it strictly for keys, lol.
  10. I use mine daily. I use it to hold my keys and I keep my license, bank card, credit card and a few bills in it. I use t to run into stores, etc. I added a clip hook to it and clip it to the outside of my bag so it is always in reach. Otherwise, it is in my car ignition ;)
  11. i have a gucci one and i love it ! get it, it will be useful
  12. It would fit the AirPods. I carry my keys with mine but inside I have my drivers license, burts bees and some cash or extra cards. It's a great grab and go. I never use my 6 key holder because my cles is so much more useful.
  13. I have been buying LV for 20 years and I don’t own a Pochette Clés. I don’t feel like I need one.
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  14. I own one and my only regret is that I didn’t purchase it sooner. It’s absolutely awesome and I use mine every day. I store my keys, my main credit card and my work badge in it, but sometimes I also store some more cards, cash, my earbuds...
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  15. 4B8C1A67-36B5-495B-A200-5F0D497D2304.jpeg 39C6A8F0-E41D-4E44-B045-4C72F6DA18DD.jpeg 0A8125B3-B256-4F40-BAB9-ED8CA91C3CFC.jpeg B6E3FFD8-D1CB-43BE-9A7B-6B70787D28D0.jpeg Here’s some pictures of the AirPods in it. :smile:
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