Debating debating debating.. Please help me

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  1. Hi Ladies..

    so I have a NM giftcard to spend, and i want to get a pair of CL black pumps. I'm debating either to get a pair of Bianca or a pair of Decolette 868. I tried on both and both are pretty comfy to me... I gave up on the Rolando already because of the narrow toe box although it's the style i like the most (hidden platform).

    I like the Bianca because of the platform and heel height but at the same time i don't like the Bianca because the platform wasn't hidden.

    I like the Decolette because the shape of the shoe but didn't like it because i thought it looks like the simple

    Currently I have Pigalle in Neptune, Simple in Nude and Bootylili in Black. This pair of black is going to be my last pair for at least couple of years, so I want to make sure i get the right one.

    thanks for your help in advance!!!
  2. personally I would go with the Bianca I think they are very pretty.. they can be dressed up or down! Good Luck :smile:
  3. i have learned the hard way...i think CLs are uncomfortable unless I get the practical styles. I love my simples, new simples and decollettes. I hated my rolandos, biancas and minibouts b/c they were horrible on my feet. You know my vote.1

  4. It really broke my heart that I had to return the rolando... I love that style so much... But had to let it go if I can't get enough wear out of it...

  5. Thanks for the comment!!
  6. Can't go wrong with either!! I think Decolette is more versatile but the Bianca is sexier. =)
  7. I have the Decollete and I think it's a gorgeous shoe, far from simple, but so elegant! I wear them frequently. I had the Rolando but they were awful - the toe box did not fit my toes at all. Sold them on eBay.
  8. Between the Decollete 868 and Bianca, I would vote for Bianca.
    Have you considered the Decollete 554? They are pointy with slender heels. Very elegant IMO.
    As for the Rolando, I am a US6.5 and got a 37.5 which took a bit of time to break in, but they are now one of my go-to-shoes. Fastest way to break them in is to put Vaseline on where it is tight on your toes, blast the shoes with a hairdryer and slip your feet in and wear them as long as you can. It really works!

  9. I vote for Bianca. I know what you mean about noticeable platforms though so if bothers you maybe go with the Décolleté or consider the Ron Ron. It is comfortable and you will get a lot of wear. It's only 100mm though. I prefer it over the Décolleté.
  10. I have the black patent Decolette 868. I also had the Bianca in 120mm. My Decolettes are really comfortable for me and so classic. If you are only getting one, I vote for that one. I sold my Biancas on ebay as I thought the platform was too obvious and heavy.
  11. My vote is also for the decollete. Personally, i think they're more aesthetically pleasing than Biancas, but also more classic looking, and more elegant- there's no platform to date them down the road.
    However, go wth what you love! Maybe now's not the time to get a pair if neither one screams out to you.
  12. thanks so much for everyone's input!!! i'll post later what I get~~
  13. I totally love Bianca!!!

    I have both the version nude and black ones and I can assure you that they have 3 absolute advantages:
    1. despite the heel, they are very very comfortable and you hurl a lot (you can use them equally well under pants or with a nice outfit and it make you very high!)
    2. the design of the Bianca's platform is stunning.
    I do not know why and how to explain it, but if you keep the shoe in your hand, actually you can see it a lot. But when you wear the shoes, you no longer see it, it is like invisible. Probably because it's a bit convex, honestly I don't know but this is the effect worn.
    3. this is one of iconic and most beautiful CL models ever.

    So, in my opinion... 100% sure of Bianca :biggrin:

    I've also a pair of black decolleté but you ahve reason, this model is lovely but too much simple. You can worn it at office...

    Good shopping!! :biggrin:

  14. I agree ... me too I hate Rolando and New Declic.
    But I totally love Bianca.

    I have also a pair of Pigalle 12cm ... but it is so hard to walk with...
    I prefer the Pigalle Plato. :smile:
  15. I'm considering Bianca .....let us know what you get op!