Debating Crimson Sig Stripe Tote.....PCE?

  1. OK Ladies.....I did not receive PCE this time even though I've gotten one the last 4 times! I'm debating on going in and asking for the discount because I want the Crimson Signature Stripe tote. I love the Crimson :heart: and already have the tote in black and love the style. (of course I can't bear the thought of carrying anything but my chocolate sig Carly right now)

    I'm dreaming about whether or not to do it...I guess this weekend is my last chance.

    I'm hesitant because I might get a chance to go to the outlet next month and I'd have more $$ to spend if I don't do it now.

  2. If you really want it, I would ask for the discount. What do you have to lose? I wish I could send you my card via email. LOL......
  3. one more day, what have you decided? i say go for it and ban yourself for a lil bit..
  4. ^ ^ I totally agree with cherll, buy it (you love it right?), and go on at least a mini ban.
  5. Get it!!
  6. Ordered it! :yahoo:
    Thanks cverhoff! As soon as I read your reply I called the store- The SAs are so great! I asked for the discount the they said come on in!

    I took my Mom with me too and she got the chocolate signature ergo hobo and ordered the Crimson sig stripe swing pack!

    I'll post pics of my new tote when it arrives!
  7. :tup: yippee!!!!!! I'm so glad you called!!!! It NEVER hurts to ask. Good for you! and your mom! Post pics when you get it!:yes::nuts: