Debating Chanel

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  1. Hello all, this is my first post as I am a new member. I've recently come into some money (my father passed away) and have been contemplating purchasing a Chanel black classic flap with silver h/w. However my question is with it being so expensive how does one get over the guilt? Also, is it best to purchase here in the states or Paris?
  2. Sorry to hear re your dad passing :sad:

    And welcome to Chanel!

    As for guilt, once you start you cannot stop. There's no time to feel guilty! In all seriousness, though, a black classic flap is going to last you a long long time if not your whole life and it won't go out of style... conceivably that could be your only bag from now on and well no reason to feel guilty about that!!! Or if you feel better give a previously loved one a new home!
  3. Thank you very much. If anything a love for shopping is something he and I shared,especially for the finer things. My first purchase from Chanel was in Paris 2006, a beautiful scarf that I'll always treasure even if rarely worn. :biggrin:
  4. I'd say a classic flap is in order then. For sure.

  5. go for it...
  6. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad.

    As for guilt, I would recommend not buying anything that you feel guilty over bc then you will not be able to truly enjoy it. Wait until you feel comfortable & confident in spending the money before the purchase. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable starting off with something a little less expensive, such as a WOC.
  7. I agree with this.

    Sorry about your dad.
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    I should have worded this differently, it isnt feeling guilty about spending the money in general however I feel like the only people who can understand what it means to own a Chanel bag are in this forum. Rather, my coworkers and fiance think Im insane for buying a $3,000 purse when many people I know can barely break even. Has anyone else encountered this sort of thing?
  9. well.. men spend a lot on watches and their toys.. sound systems, gadgets etc.

    You spend so much money on something, because it makes you feel good

    if it doesn't, don't :smile:
  10. I never feel guilty, I say just go for it and enjoy it!
  11. People always try to criticize for how much I spend on fashion...but I really enjoy it and that is all that counts! There is no need to explain to anyone...(that is unless you paid with your finaces card :wtf: lol
  12. ^I hate when people do that, my mom does that about my bags she'll say "This was $ X?" (she usually only guesses half of what something costs too) and I'll just say yes and she'll be like "I don't see why"...congratulations that makes one of us lol
  13. I feel guilty every day and so sad about spending a lot of money on bags.
    I don't love my bags anymore and would like to sell them. I am stressed :crybaby::sad: I promise myself not to buy bags anymore.
  14. Sorry to hear about your father. :sad:

    If you feel guilty about spending that money, chances are that you probably feel that your priorities and wrong, so examine your spending habits to see where that guilt originates. No one can make you feel guilty but yourself. ;)

    Best place to purchase Chanel would of course be Paris. It's cheapest there.
  15. I felt really guilty on my first own purchase of the GST. But the guilt doesn't go away cuz I keep buying and can't resist the beauty. I guess you have to live with it and save on other expenses instead!!