Debating 2 different CH Gunmetal Bags

  1. Hey Girls,

    Well, I ordered the Triple Zip Satchel in Gunmetal from Zappos. I LOVE LOVE the color, but the bag itself is really large for a satchel and heavy with all my stuff in it (so far I haven't been able to find the smaller version in Gunmetal) Because I love the color, I also ordered the Village Soft Tote in Gunmetal as well b/c if I can put it over my shoulder I don't mind it being larger. Anyway, I was wondering if any of had the Large Soft Village tote and liked it?

  2. well, I was able to find the small triple zip satchel at Dilliards, so now it is between the small one and the large tote. Thoughts?
  3. Good luck with it .They are beautiful bags.