Debate: Mono Speedy 30 or 35?

  1. Help! I am in between which size to choose :smile: I like large bags, and I am tall, 1.80 (I guess it is 6 feet in US metrics), + I wear heels also, slim.

    Does anyone have both 30 & 35 and comparison pics or any celeb pics with 30 and 35?

    thanks in advance!
  2. I don't have any pics, but if you like big bags, go for the 35. Especially since you're so tall.
  3. Here's the 35 on me (I'm five-feet nothing!):

  4. And the 30:

    Sorry about the size!
  5. Yes !! 5'0 nothing ladies represent ! :biggrin: (I'm part of that club too)

    I think if you have the height to pull off the 35, why not ? You'd definitely appreciate the extra room at times, great way to store an extra shirt or something else that you might need.
  6. I think the 35 looks way too big for a Speedy....I personally wouldn't go bigger than a 30 for a speedy.

    If you want something super big I'd get a BH or even a Manhattan GM.

    Just my 2 cents!!
  7. I totally agree - the Speedy 35 as an everyday bag is way too big. :yes: I only use mine when I really need to carry a ton of stuff - which is not very often.
  8. I totally agree - the 30 should work with most - a 35 begins to look like a carry on.