Debate: Favorite MM Mono vs. DE

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  1. #1 Feb 12, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
    Looking for input because I’m having so much trouble deciding! So I bought the DE a week ago and keep looking at it thinking I should have bought the Mono. Well I got lucky and the Mono became available a couple of days ago and I received it today.

    I bought the DE since I have a reverse Mono Pochette Metis. I thought Mono in my Favorite might look too much like my PM.

    Since I received the DE though, I’m not that crazy on the red lining which shows even when bag is closed. I know this is being picky but I’m not a red person...I do love the worry free dark strap on it though.The other thing with this bag is the canvas seems thin...when nothing is in the bag, it’s quite floppy and doesn’t have a substantial feel to it. It’s hard to explain but my husband even commented that it didn’t feel like a quality piece. Now that I have received the Mono in this same bag, it definitely is not saggy when not filled and has a thicker feel to it, still soft unstructured bag but feels like better quality. I love the Mono print but like the darker strap of the DE. I guess I should go with the Mono since I object to less about it (no red lining and nicer feel to it).

    You can see what I mean with the Favorites a little in my pictures. There’s no contents in either bag but the DE looks “limp”.

    Just seeking opinions...

    Has anyone else noticed certain bags feel different with slightly thicker canvas even in the same style of bag?

    Would you buy PM Reverse Mono AND Mono Favorite or do you consider these two to be too close in appearance?

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  2. I would go with the mono if you feel the quality is better and it feels better my personal opinion is that mono looks better in that style too.
    And no they are not close in appearance to your PM because of the reverse colouring and they look like two different bags because of the sizing difference so go for it!
  3. I love them both! Have the mono and am wanting the DE. Interesting comparison of the two, though. I do see that the DE is less structured looking.

    Anyway, just came to suggest that you try the reverse strap with the mono MM. I bought the mono strap for mine because I also didn’t love the vachetta strap that comes with the MM.

    Good luck choosing!
  4. I have the DE in the thinner canvas too. I got told it was to stop the dreaded crease from happening. Which so far is holding up well after 18months of good use. I don't mind it being floppy and thin as I do fill it when i wear it.
    You have to go with what you prefer and feel makes you happier at the end of the day :smile: