Deavuille Datecode?

  1. Where should the datecode be on a Deauville? I bought mine from Neiman back in Febrauary, so I know it's real. There's a small leather tag just inside of the top center of the bag, and it seems like the datecode should be marked behind that small tag, but it's not... help! :hysteric:
  2. :confused1: mm... it should be behind the leather tag where the LV heatstamp was. Unless they changed it...any smaller tag near the seams of the pockets?
  3. Nope, no smaller tag near the pocket seams... oh no, what does this mean?
  4. Just called the Neiman Marcus store, and the SA confirmed that the datecode should be embossed on the flip side of the little leather tag. I told him that the flip side is blank... no embossing. He assured me that the piece is authentic (I do believe that), but it's still weird to think that my bag has no datecode! He said that the bag he was looking at is from recent production, and perhaps the datecode is located somewhere else on my bag (since it's from Feb), but there's no other little tag.

    He said I can take it to the store... I guess they'll just try to help me find the datecode. If they can't, I will be really disappointed! What do you think my chances are of getting a new Deauville?
  5. I can tell you almost positively that you are not going to receive a new bag simply because there isn't a datecode

    I don't see it as a defect that LV would go that far to fix.
  6. He told you where the date code is located? I thought SA's weren't supposed to do that?
  7. Yes, he did give me the location of the datecode. I didn't know they weren't supposed to do that...
  8. Mangowife, a girlfriend of mine bought a deauville on Ebay (when I first started my designer bag obsession!) and there was no date stamp. Once I confirmed that it was definitely on the inside tab with Louis Vuitton, I examined it with a magnifying glass - no date code. The backside of that tab is rough, and I think it rubs off (I don't know what else could have happened to it!). It is definitely authentic, no question about it.

    I think it's comparable to when LV heatstamps the alcantara lining. When those are brand new, you can barely see the Louis Vuitton stamp, much less the date code.
  9. It's on the flipside of the tag that the heatstamp in on, inside.

    It may be hard to see in the cowhide.

    On a Trouville it's in a pocket on a little leather tag.
  10. Thanks everyone! It really does help to hear that others have found a faded/no datecode on their Deauville.

    Yup, there's definitely no datecode on mine. I *guess* it rubbed off, although I've only had the bag since February, and never touched the tag until now. :s

    I guess this is not really a big deal. The only thing is, if I were ever to sell it (not my beloved purse!), I think I might have trouble doing so. I mean, would YOU buy an LV on eBay that didn't have a datecode? (Then again, I guess Bella Blonde's friend did! :yes:) Am I being paranoid, then?

  11. To tell you the truth I wouldn´t buy it. Have you had it authenthicated here on the forum? It just sounds weird there is no datecode. Maybe it´s so dark (inside the bag) that you can´t see:shrugs:
  12. Well, I'm not looking to buy anything... I'm talking about a Deauville I bought from Neiman back, so I know it's real. But I guess you just confirmed what I was worried about - that is, I'm going to have a hard time selling it, if it ever comes to that.

    I guess the solution is... don't ever sell it?!? :shrugs:
  13. I was just answering your question: Would YOU buy an LV on ebay that didn´t have a datecode:lol: The answer: I wouldn´t. I think you should have your bag authenticated here, that´s all I was meaning to say.
  14. As there seem to be enough resources to have a bag authenticated, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I've sold a couple bags where the datecode was unreadable (or invisible), and had no problems. While I'm sure there were folks that didn't bid because of that, they still sold for a reasonable price. There are enough people who can recognize an authentic bag that if you decide to sell it, you should be fine.