1. Does anyone else use a Deauville as a regular day bag/ handbag or do you just use it as its intended "beauty case?"
  2. don't own one yet but i would use it for both:yes:
  3. It's pretty big, & the lining is pretty obviously meant for beauty products. Shame because it's such a great looking bag & I only use it a few times a year. It is excellent for what it is intended. Maybe a Trouville would make a better handbag.
  4. I had one but sold it b/c I just didn't use it enough...but now I'm thinking about rebuying it. I didn't use it as an everyday purse b/c it looked like luggage on me. I did use it for weekend travel or to store my makeup, curling iron, etc. It was sorta heavy even empty though.
  5. I would use it for both...I came close to buying lasy year, but eanded up with the BV instead.

    The lining wouldn't bother me....I was just saying in another thread...I love my riviera epi, which is meant to be a travel make up case...but I use it as both.
  6. this is a nice bag, i wanted to buy it but bought the Vavin instead. the linning is washable so that's good. i have seen it used as a tote bag many times. if i have it, i would use it as a regular bag.
  7. I have one and really love it. I had bought a Mono Speedy 30 and thought I wanted something bigger, maybe a 35.But I couldn't part with my 30 and just got the Deauville for something bigger and different that not everyone had. I have been using my Cabas Mezzo, but have been thinking about using the Deaville for a while. I think it's a very cool bag and you won't see a million people carrying it. :yes:
  8. I don't have one but really want one.
  9. A girl who is a regular guest at my hotel has a lovely monogramme deauville which she has on her arm as a handbag. She uses it as her everyday purse. Not as a make up case.
  10. I have one I purchased in Feb. use it as an everyday bag...haven't seen anyone else with one! I'm 5' 10" and it works well..and the inside makes organizing so easy. I looked at the Trouville, but it was just too small for me.
  11. I'm thinking about the Deauville... esp. the longer handles caught my attention :yes: I'm in love w/ this bag since I saw Salma Hayek w/ hers
  12. i bought it 2-3 years ago (when JLo did the ad...!) thinking i'd use it everyday..... i used it maybe twice and has been sitting in my closet ever since.....:crybaby: it's an awesome bag, but bag itself is pretty heavy. i put so much in it *just because* it's roomy and everything fits......i thought my arm was gonna fall off!!!

    cute, but heavy bag!!:nuts:

    i might take it out --- my baby is about 22lb and i'm use to the weight now....!:tender: :heart: