Deauville-Summer only?

  1. With the Deauville, I´ve somehow labelled it as a summer bag since it´s canvas. Could you wear one in the winter without looking lost? I´m seriously stooped here:confused1:

    This is mine in the summer

    Kuva 1960.jpg
  2. No it's not a summer only bag. I don't understand these strange notions that some colours or materials are for this or that season/climate only. We do live in the 21st century :p
    If the bag works for your everyday needs, use it :tup:
  3. I'm still a little lost abt what is an FT or Deauville but I have been using this one



    closer to normal

    since it's so dark(like yours Nola). If it was a light/bright color all-over, maybe I'd have some dissonance but I don't see a prob.:shrugs:
  4. If there IS a problem it only exist in the head of the beholder in this case IMHO.
  5. I love canvas bags any time, even winter. As long as they aren't light colored, you are fine. I just have a big issue with seeing people out and about with canvas (or other lighter colored bags) in the winter with dirt and smudges all over. I think as a general rule, if it's dark, wear it any time.
  6. Nola ~ Your Deauville Is Navy, Correct? I Love Navy.....Take It Out & Enjoy Now!!!!!!

    ETA: Sorry, I Missed The Picture....Love Your Deauville (Beautiful Picture!)!!!!!
  7. Laboheme ~ Great Pics!!!! You Have Such A Great Collection ~ Very Well Rounded!!!!:heart:
  8. Thanks everyone! I think I can wear it in the winter then, the dark navy colour goes well with my winter clothes.
  9. Of course sweetie I think you can wear it all year long looking great with it. :yes:
  10. I think it's perfect for all seasons. I know in Japan, where the bag is VERY popular, ladies use it (whether dark or light coloured) all year round.
  11. It's very pretty,I would definitely use it in the winter.

  12. Yes, Beaumonde is absolutely right. I bump into at least half a dozen deauville on a daily basis. It's extremely popular in Tokyo and it is being used all year round. Nola, I think you will look great in the winter as well as a summer.:yes:
  13. I think you could wear it in the winter. It's a beautiful bag.
  14. Nola, adorable bag. :smile:
  15. I´m using it today, it´s perfect! I don´t know what I was so worried about.