Deauville or Speedy???

  1. Just for fun....

    the Deauville or Speedy ??:supacool:
  2. speedy every time.
  3. :yes:second that!!!
  4. SpeedY!
  5. no doubt about it, the speedy wins the race!!
  6. Yep, Speedy for me. The Deauville is really intriguing but I satisfied that craving by getting a Trouville!
  7. Love the Deauville and the Trouville for their comparments but barely use them as the speedy is so much more lighter!
  8. I own both bags. The Deauville is just a Beauty case for me and not a city bag.
  9. Speedy...classic style!
  10. so's all about the SPEEDY!!!
  11. speedies are way to common. i would have to do with deauville/trouville.
  12. Deauville!

    All the teenager and nail ladies here have fake speedies
  13. speedy
  14. So what size Speedy would correspond with a Deauville? I really want one but if it's as heavy as others have said (and I believe them), maybe a speedy 30 or a 35 would be better?
  15. that's a good question.I'd like to know too.