Deauville on eBay

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  1. Ok, I've been obsessing over the Deauville for sometime now (you know when I starts to take over your life!) I know it's available as the bowling vanity for £950 but as I'm intending to use it as a travel bag and not day to day I'm thinking the price is a bit excessive. I've seen some really nice examples on eBay all shipping from Japan though -has anyone had any experience of buying from any of those vendors and also any issues with tax etc. I've also never seen a Deauville in person and really wanted to view one before buying preloved but LV tell me I can only order online and they aren't available in store yet. I'm thinking I'd use as a handbag if I'm going out for the day and need to have lots of stuff with me but mostly as a flight bag/weekend travel bag. I have a neverfull mm is it a sort of similar size to that? Sorry for the all questions but I feel like I need to get this sorted and then I can start obsessing about the next thing lol :biggrin:
  2. Great choice! It's on my need-now wish list as well! I'm also going to be buying a pre loved and have obsessively checked out pretty much everything listed on eBay from Japanese sellers but the country I am in is horrific with customs. Especially with LV, I know if they suspect that the goods are LV they pretty much open all such packages to check for counterfeit.

    I know this won't be counterfeit but it will definitely attract additional fees and I hate that limbo feeling of not knowing if and how much and when I'll have to pay! Please update the thread of you pull the plug and get it from Japan, you're also in EU so if I'd love to know how it went for you!

    Btw have you checked out the Trouville yet? Another member shared a pic in one of my last threads and that's also gone on my wish list now. Equally cute but can be used everyday because of its size! :smile::biggrin:
  3. I've gone from one extreme to the other with sizes in the last week-from recital as I wanted to downsize for everyday to the Deauville for travel lol sorted the recital so just need to sort the Deauville so I can stop talking about it! Have you seen a Deauville in person? I've got a turenne pm and neverfull mm and I think it falls between the two?
  4. How do you feel about buying off eBay? Is it a case of luck and get it authenticated when it arrives or have you found ones you're quite confident are ok?
  5. I'm in the U.S. and I have never paid customs. I've bought 6 times from Japanese sellers. Each time is was a great experience. No smells which was a big worry. Good luck.
  6. No have never seen it in person but way too many pictures and videos of it lol
  7. Most consignment stores have really good close up pics so you could have it authenticated on the thread here even before you bid on it. Saves the hassle of return if something should go wrong IMO!

    I work in e commerce so will never advocate against it, :biggrin: as long as you do your due diligence (research seller, feedback, product, pay with PayPal etc) I wouldn't have any qualms with it.
  8. I just bought one on eBay and it'll be coming from Japan. Was authenticated here.. I'll share photos when I receive it! I've been stalking them for while too and decided to take the plunge... Nervous and excited!!!
  9. It's here!
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462312937.964737.jpg
  11. It's perfect!

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  12. Oh wow that looks amazing! Mine is on its way too, tracking page says its in customs at the moment-hope it doesn't take long I'm really excited now! Do you mind me asking which seller you bought from?

  13. So good looking! Looks unused. Mind sharing the price? I'm sure you saved a lot more than buying in the store.

  14. I got it from Mikutohide... Who'd you get yours from?

  15. Not at all... I paid 429.. About 1/4 of the price and the vachetta has a perfect honey patina. It had a little bit a smell when I first opened it.. But it's already dissipating.. because he didn't mention it in his listing, i requested a $50 refund, which he gave.
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