deauville modeling pictures...please!!

  1. I'm thinking of getting this bag and I would love to see some modeling pictures;)
  2. Sorry none from me....but BUMP!
  3. I own the Deauville, but for me it's only a Beauty Case for my trips - for an everyday-bag the Deauville is too heavy and not pracical!
  4. Here comes my Deauville!
    deauville 006.jpg
  5. I have this bag and I use it as an everyday bag. It can get heavy but so can a manhattan gm. I love how big and organized it is and it comes with a luggage tag to get heat stamped.
  6. Sorry, No modeling pics from me but only to comment.. its too heavy for everyday use for me at least. I do love the bag and its very functional!
  7. I have it and I love it!! i use it as intended, as a travel beauty case, but also for my pilates class, it easily fits my pilates clothes, towel and cosmetic bag. I would use it as an office bag too, if my laptop wasn't so big, because it has all these great inside pockets for your water bottle, cell phone, wallet etc. Also, I have added a shoulder strap to it too, so I can choose between shoulder or hand held. I think it is Kelly Ripa who has used it /use it for her work bag as well (saw that in an interview with her).

    BTW, also I take it on the plane with me, with my pegase, so I can stuff lots of magazines, books and other things to have with me on the plane. I love it and find it super versatile.

  8. I dont own a deauville but i think it is one of the cutest bags ever.
  9. ^ me too, i love it. definitely on my wish list. :girlsigh:
  10. maybe it is too heavy and not practical for everyday use...beacause that is what I was looking to use it for.
  11. ^ maybe the trouville is better then...?
  12. Your set is amazing! It looks so chic all put together like that. I do not own this bag, but when traveling I always admire others, it certainly is something I hope to own one day.
  13. Mai britt- do you let the baggage handlers load your baggage on the plane or are you a carry-on person?
    I'd be terrified to let the baggage people get hold of LV, but it's because they are really handling lots of luggage, not because I think they're trying to wreck things.

  14. I have had those as carry on (I used the deauville as a handbag, so I could have the pegase with me also)

    I am also terrified of checking it in, I am afraid of getting stolen or really banged up. I don't think I will check any Vuitton luggage in ..
  15. I don't have modeling pics (too shy) (took a lot of courgage to post my pic in avatar :sweatdrop:) but here are some pics of my beloved Deauville.

    I use mine as a city bag and I've never used the luggage tag with it because I think it looks too much like...well...luggage with it.
    IMG_0284.JPG IMG_0180.JPG