Deauville in Damier Canvas???!!!

  1. Hey guys, I'm relatively new to this site and would like to ask you all what do you think of a Deauville Damier Canvas? Thanks

    my blog: louisvuittonlover
  2. I think it looks AMAZING in Damier Canvas... :drool:
  3. I love it!! I have it in mono and it's a great bag.
  4. It's beautiful in the Damier print - too bad it's only a special order item. LV should include it in their regular Damier line along with a Damier Cabas Mezzo/Piano.
  5. I saw a woman carry it in Hong was gorgeous!! IMO it looks better in Damier than in mono...although I like the mono one too :tup:
  6. ITA with peace!!

    I remember this seller's user name from an old LV forum (that eventually disappeared). One of her pics inspired me to do my SO.:yes:
  7. totally love it.
  8. Ooh I didn't realize that was possible! I may have to look into that!