Deauville Damier ?

  1. Hello! have Lv ever made Deauville in Damier?? thanks!:nuts:
  2. Hey! you guys, help me out please....
    cause I think I saw one on ebay preti long ago and its so pretty!
    someone please, Damier lover or any one...please thanks
  3. no there is no deauville in damier pattern. there are bags like the duomo or the nolita which have a similiar shape.
  4. I've never seen one- but you could special order one and I'm sure it would be just magnificent!
  5. Hello! The deauville was never made in Damier.
    There have been a couple of occasions where people special-ordered deauvilles to be made with Damier canvas.
    The one that you saw is most likely a special order. Having said that, do make sure that the bag is authentic.
  6. yea you can get it custom like she said ^ for 25% on top of the orginal design price...
  7. Deauville can be special odered in Damier, EPI, and Mini Monogram
  8. I've seen a Damier Deauville in my LV boutique a few years back. It was special order, of course. I want a Damier Trouville :love: .
  9. I've never seen or heard of a Deauville in Damier, but I am sure it would look pretty! It would most definitely be a special order item.
  10. I saw one back in October at the LV in Beverly Hills. So pretty....

    I also remember seeing one on ebay a while back and it was authentic. It was going for pretty cheap, too....less than retail of a mono deauville.