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  1. Lol. I bought the Trouville and am still getting used to how BIG I think it is :smile: I do love the Deauville though, too. I also have the strap for it, but not adjustable b/c it shortens to the same length as the non adjustable one (and I wanted it shorter!).
  2. I've been thinking of getting a strap for it uncomfortable to wear? I keep thinking it would be helpful on those days that I'm running around carrying it all day long. The last time I went shopping I almost lost the feeling in my fingers from the weight of the bag. But I love it it anyway.
  3. I know the Deauville comes in the Damier pattern, but I wish it came in the Damier Azur...I don't have anything in that line yet. If the speedy was a 35 I'd order it now. Love the big bags too...gotta have it all with me.
  4. The Deauville can be special ordered in the Damier pattern but it's not part of the regular Damier line. Deauville is standard in the Mono pattern. I've also seen a special order black Epi in Deauville.
  5. Really??? You mean I could special order the Deauville in the Damier Azur?
  6. Sorry, I was referring to ebene Damier in Deauville as a special order. I don't know if you can special order the Deauville in Damier Azur but that would be beautiful! You would need to contact the LV store to ask that question. (Damier is usually the brown checkerboard print vs. saying Damier Azur for the white/blue checkerboard.)
  7. I have the Duomo, but I don't have anything in the "Azur" pattern...and I love the size of my Deauville. Wow you had me going for a second. I would have been at the store when it opened to order that one! I'll still have to call and see what they say. If they could do it, I'd probably have to wait forever. Did you ever place a special order?
  8. I actually special ordered a Damier Speedy 25 in July 2004 and received it in Nov. 2004. But then LV decided to include the Damier Speedy in their regular line in 2006 and it was cheaper than my special order!!! Aargh!! But at least I had it for awhile.... I also then bought a Damier Speedy 30 and later sold the special order 25 since it was too small for my needs! (I tend to carry the kitchen sink with me!!!)
  9. Get the strap!!! I have an adjustable mono strap for my Deauville and I also have straps for my two Speedys. Definately worth the money!!! The Deauville gets heavy and the strap helps..... especially if you need two hands for carrying other stuff.
  10. I was just at our Saks LV Boutique Monday and bought a mono Wapity Case for my digital camera. I meant to check out the straps then, but I was in a hurry. Dang, now I wish I had gotten it. Oh, well I'll go back. I also put my name on the list for when the LV iPhone cases come in next month...Gotta have a case.

    I'll call our main LV Boutique and ask about the special order, see how much and how long. It's the how long that kills me. But maybe I'll have it by which time it will probably be included in their line too! Ha.
  11. Brand new to this board, but I wanted to pop in and say that I LOVELOVELOVE!!! my LV Deauville!

    My husband gifted it me as an early Mothers Day present in 2003, to be used as a diaper bag. Lemme tell you, it rocked! The insides can be wiped down in case of a spill, the pockets held diapers/wipes/bottles, and there was plenty of room for spare clothes and a few receiving blankets. I had to pack it efficiently, but it was worth it. :smile:

    So, is it kind of the "thing" to display the luggage tag? I have mine somewhere, but I never thought to have it on the bag.:shame:

    Crazy story: I received this right before the JLo ad campaign started, with one picture featuring this bag. It was sold out within hours and the waiting list became quite long. I had some random woman on the street offer me $1,500 for the bag right then and there, plus she would throw in her Speedy so that I would have something to transport my stuff home in. I declined. :P It was tempting, though!:lol:
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  12. hello everyone! .. here are some pics of my 9-day old deauville (still waiting for my heat-stamped luggage tag though):

    [trying to get a "tan"]:
  13. ^^
    Congrats!!! Looks pretty with your scarf!!
  14. I'm really thinking of getting this bag as my next purchase but was curious if any of you have any more modeling pics to show with your Deauville's?

    I LOVE the structured look of this bag and this bag pulls at me more than the Neverfull that I originally was looking at (I hate the always open aspect of the Neverfull) - I like the pics of your belongings in your bag ...

    The only concern I have is how big this bag may look -

    I'm 5'3 (5'4 on a good day..haha) .. average weight - would it overwhelm me?
  15. Isn't it still uncomfortable? The strap is pretty thin?