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  1. Yeah the MC speedy is heavy, but like you I will never sell it.

    I have a love/hate relationship with the corners of this bag. I love that it's boxy but don't love that it caves in if you don't fully pack the bag and when you open the bag, it adds stress to the corners and mine has small cracks on the leather. I decided I'm not gonna care, it's just the way the bag is made.

    I didn't even realize this bag was discontinued! I try to use it as much as possible but I don't carry much everyday so not as much as I would like.
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  2. I’m in the club again! I sold mine about six or seven years ago and someone on the forum here (sorry, I can’t remember who- I’d have to do a search lol) was inquiring about the bag and then....the searching and stalking began. Mine is on its way from England, date code 2003!
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  3. Can’t wait to see it! Don’t forget to take photos once you receive it!
  4. I just received it! I was a bit disappointed that it was sent in a plastic bag and not a box - just inside a dust bag and in thin plastic! Also , is it normal for the sides to be caving in?
    I’m thinking it might be from the way the previous owner carried it (unzipped?) or stored it. Overall, the canvas and leather are in good condition. Very clean with no stains or odors. You can see how the sides turn inwards and the top sticks up - the canvas is very pliable almost- not stiff like my old vintage one was. This one also came with lock, key, dustbag and receipt. IMG_3930.JPG IMG_3924.JPG IMG_3929.JPG IMG_3932.JPG
  5. Deauville ladies! I just used mine for the first time and I don’t like it that she’s so boxy because the sides are not yet flat.. does it hurt to make it flatten a little bit so that the sides cave in?
  6. To each their own I guess. I like mine boxy but with use, I think they all eventually cave in on the side. Of course you can try to force it, it’s your bag. If I remember correctly, yours was almost brand new condition so it’ll change as you use it.
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  7. Yes, I guess I’ll keep using it more in my rotation so that it will cave just a little bit.
  8. Just put mine up for sale. I just don’t reach for it when I travel. Beautiful to look at but it needs to go to someone who will use her. She’s older but in great condition so she will make someone very happy for many more years to come.
  9. I bought mine new from LV but it didn't take long for it to cave on the sides, it depends how much you use it.