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  1. Sorry, no picture of my Deauville bag.... but I was wondering how long everyone has had their Deauville before it started to soften up? I don't use my bag that much and it's quite stiff..... but it's a great bag. I guess I should try to use it a couple of times a week. This bag always looks great when it's soft and has a dark patina. Can't wait for my bag to look like this some day!
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  2. I've had my Deauville for almost a year now.. It was my first Vuitton. I absolutely love it:love:

    I don't know but I don't want a patina..i love the creamy white colour. I keep mine almost always out of the sun...I'm almost a fanatic about it:s
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  3. I've had mine for three years...She's a little patinaed but she has different coloured handles and the leather tabby things, I think it's the way I hold her (outside pocket on the outside of me) the outer handle is darker...but the leather tabby thing on the back has more patina coz it's been heat stamped...I can't wait til she's all honey!!!
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  4. There must be other PFers with the Deauville! Where are you? :s
  5. Here's a pic of my Deauville plus my luggage tag:


  6. Me and my daughter call her "big momma"..

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  7. I like theese bags.Congrats ladies!
  8. Here are a few pics of my lovely Deauville. I've never used the luggage tag since I carry mine as a city bag. Love this bag!

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  9. tryagain:

    Here are some shots of my strap for my Deauville....

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  10. Peace43,

    Thanks a lot for your pictures !
  11. I've had my Deauville for about 1.5 years now (my first LV from the boutique!) and I looooove it. It comes out for months at a time and doesn't stay away for too long before I bring her out again. She's worn in (she became soft after about 4-5 months of constant use) and patina'd, though I think she still could be more honeyed. I recently got the luggage tag heat stamped and started using it so that it could patina also... though I admit the tag looks a tiny bit funny since the vachetta is still light compared to the rest of the bag!

    My only wish is that it wasn't so heavy!

  12. Agree. The Deauville does get heavy. I haven't been using my bag that much but I want it to soften up more - it's still pretty stiff even though I've had my bag for probably the same amount of time. I love seeing other people with Deauvilles - it looks good with a golden patina!
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  13. Here's my softened, golden-patina'd Deauville (though I think it will get even more golden, and the darker handles are noticeable in this pic - ugh). Notice the very light luggage tag - I'm working on it! :tup:


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  14. Your Deauville looks good!!!! Your luggage tag will eventually catch up!
  15. Love these ladies! Any modelling pics?
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