deathly afraid to buy from ebay

  1. is that silly?
    i've just heard too many horror stories.
    my dad is into war stuff.
    & he spend a lot of money on a helmet that ended up being a replica.
    the person had positive feedback too...
    maybe i'm just paranoid.
    i don't know.
    what do you ladies think?
  2. I can understand being wary of eBay.. It's too bad about your dad's helmet :sad: I, however, buy from eBay ALL the time. I have never bought a fake, and I have never had a HORRIBLE experience with a seller. The worst was one fighting me about a refund, but they agreed to it and I got it no problem. I buy lots of other things on eBay too, like books..and household items.. I also sell on ebay. I always check the feedback of the seller and have the bag authenticated if I am not sure.. and I always pay by Paypal.. and with a CC if I can, just in case. You can get some good deals on ebay!
  3. I have the same fears...but only regarding bags. I just don't think I would ever buy off of EBay...too risky for me, but only because I haven't learned enough about Coach to have enough confidence in myself to tell a great fake from the real thing...
  4. I only buy from someone who will offer me money back guar. on authenticity of a bag nowadays
  5. I used to think that I could easily spot a fake coach while to me I can't tell with brands like LV. With coach if it was fake it would look way cheaper and the C's wouldn't line up, etc. Unfortunatly nowdays I think its getting harder to tell because these replica manufactures are making better fakes. I think a few days ago someone posted a pic of a carly and looking online I could have easily been fooled. I am so thankful that I can post here to authenticate anything I am considering buying. I will never buy a purse on ebay on a whim again. So to answer your concern, I think its ok to be wary on ebay.
  6. Yes this always reassures me as well.:tup:
  7. So far I've had postive experiences with ebay. I hope to keep it that way. Just ask questions and you can post it on the authenticate thread if you are not sure about the bag.
  8. i don't like buying coach stuff of ebay. i'm usually 95% accurate in spotting a coach fake. but when i do purchase it, the size isn't right, or the item isn't exactly what i had pictured in mind. in the end, i prefer purchasing in person, whether it's an outlet, macy's, Nordstroms, etc. i just like seeing the item in person before hand and trying it on. (i guess i'm pretty picky about my bag.)
  9. I buy and sell on eBay. I've only had one bad experience, and it had nothing to do with fakes. Sure there are horror stories, but then there are good sellers (like me and other ladies on TPF). :tup:
  10. I too and deathly afraid of buying a handbag (namely Coach) on Ebay because of all the fakes, some of those fake pictures damn if I could tell! Honestly, I wasn't nearly as afraid until I found this place and started reading all the horror stories. :wtf: I love to scout Coach on Ebay but as far as actually pushing that button to bid or buy...I'm pretty gun shy right now. A girl came into my work the other day and she had a lovely Coach tote which I was admiring, we were moaning about the fact that there are not any Coach stores or outlets close - I mentioned being afraid to buy on Ebay and she said..Don't do it, most all of them are fakes!! So that only reinforced that I am paranoid for good reason, haha.

  11. I've been buying and selling on EBAY for 4 years. I've had 3 experiences where I had to get refunds and got all my money back. I've never bought a fake coach bag because of RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. I don't buy from people with 0 feedback or only a few transactions and I read the feedback very, very carefully. Anyone with negative feedback within the last year will not get a bid from me. I also don't buy from individuals that use stock photos. For many people selling on EBAY is their business, they go buy items in demand (usually at outlets) and then resell them. EBAY can be great if you're careful and don't get "caught up" in the moment. I have a rule that I won't bid more than $250 for anything. Most of the items (clothing, jewelry) I buy are under $50 unless it's COACH of course. :girlsigh:
    My latest find was the Coach Signature Gallery Tote in chocolate brown for $190 (regulary $328).
  12. I've had some great experiences on eBay. The only problems I've come across have been wrong items and slow shipping (only a couple of times and always replaced). :rant:Like right now I am waiting on an item that was a presale. I know the guy had the cd 10 days ago because he has another listed with no presale. He assured me it was coming (that was the 10th). I emailed last night and he hasn't answered yet but I know he will. I just get so irritated with that because I ALWAYS ship on time and package my items carefully!!! :rant:Okay...I'll step down from my soap box now. :smile:
  13. Because of the past experience I've had on ebay, I'll never buy there again. I didn't buy a fake, but there were important things about the bag that the seller didn't disclose. I had to fight for over a month to get my money back, and I had a knot in my stomach the whole time. I've decided that no bag is worth that kind of experience to me. Even though the majority of ebay experiences are positive, I won't take the chance.
  14. I've had really great experiences with eBay. That said, I wouldn't buy signature stuff because some of the fakes are soo good these days unless the seller agreed it was authentic and offered a money back guarantee. You can find some really great deals (and I've sold some older, gently loved bags) and had great experiences.

    Good luck.
  15. I have not yet bought any coach from ebay but I bought several banana republic dresses (one of my fav. stores) from ebay and they're wonderful....
    I guess if you check everything carefully from shipping, size, authentic, return warranty, feedback etc, then you wouldn't be so afraid to buy things from ebay.. it could be very fun:yes: