Death Wish Anyone? Check This Out!

  1. ah Ms Pyscho you are diligent !!

    Looks like Prada is embracing black again in a big way. I like this one the best:
  2. Yes, I was lusting over that one, too. Actually I was lusting over probably 90% of the fall bags. Now if I was only married to Bill Gates I'd have it made! :graucho:
  3. RIP wallet. It was nice knowing ya. :crybaby:
  4. ^lol!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  5. OMG, I'll take this one and this one, please. :rolleyes:

    Prada gauffre.jpg Prada antic.JPG
  6. I'm confused... why are their prices so high when some of these bags are available in the stores at lower prices. I saw the first one listed there at Saks ( the black one that Jill bought) in the $1,500. range... yet it's Rafaello for $2,495. Why is that?
  7. ^^^I'm guessing not everyone has access to NM or Saks or perhaps there are issues in shipping if they are outside the US. Both these places ship worldwide.
  8. OK. sorruy... figured it out! That first bag isn't quite the same as the one I saw at Saks. The Saks Prada did not have metal plates holding the handles -- they were black leather. Also, the handles look shorter than the Saks Prada bag I saw. Though the style is similar, there are differences. I prefer Jill's bag -- the one I saw at Saks without the metal plates and ummmm in the $1,500. range :yes:
  9. ^^I just love that black bag that Jill has! If I didn't already buy mine, I would buy that one too!
  10. I love that one, too, Alouette... tried it yesterday; it just melts in your hands... soooo pretty :love: and what a great price -- for Prada!
  11. love it all! i'm so glad Prada is coming back to the more classic styles (i.e that will look great after more than one season) -- can't wait for Fall-bag shopping!
  12. gorgeous bags! :drool:
  13. So many gorgeous fall bags.
  14. Ooo:huh:oooo:nuts: Telling myself that I didn't click those links...and I didn't see anything...:push: